Fortnite Season 7 NPC Locations Guide, Week 1 Legendary Challenge

Today marks the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7. Season 6’s “Primal” theme is over along with the primal weapons and crafting system.

Now we have alien UFOs, space-age weapons and a return of the Battle Stars though in a form quite a bit different than back in Chapter 1.

The Epic/Legendary Quest system remains in place as well, along with the ridiculously messy NPC quest-giving format, unfortunately. But at least in Week 1 it’s pretty easy to keep track of which challenges you have to complete.

This week’s Legendary Challenge, worth a whopping 45,000 XP, instructs players to converse with Sunny, Abstrakt, Dreamflower, Riot, or Bushranger. You only have to speak to three out of five of these NPCs, but here are all five locations on the newly updated map:

You can find each NPC at the following locations:

  • Sunny at Believer Beach (formerly Sweaty Sands)
  • Dreamflower at the Flopper Pond
  • Bushranger north of the Aftermath (formerly the Spire)
  • Abstrakt at Retail Row
  • Riot to the east of Misty Meadows

Simply talk with three of these to nab all that sweet, sweet XP and level up your Battle Pass.

Read more about the new Battle Pass and Battle Pass skins—including Superman and Rick from Rick and Morty—right here.

I’m not feeling super upbeat about Season 7 at this point, truth be told. It’s nice to have a change of pace from Season 6, but a lot of the same things that bothered me about the last few seasons are present once again this season. I made a video about my issues with Season 6 which you can watch below. I’ll update this with my Season 7 impressions once I’ve played more.

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