Fortnite Season 7 leaks reveal weapon mods will be coming soon

After the introduction of the crafting system at the start of Fortnite Season 6, rumors about the possibility of modding in-game began running wild.

To everyone’s surprise, the rumors partly came true. Towards the second half of the season, loopers got to see the first in-game mod, known as “Chonkers Off-Road Tires.”

The mod is very simple and can be fitted onto any vehicle in-game to provide them with a better grip while traveling off-roads.

Shortly after the mod was released, dataminers and leakers began finding evidence of more mods that would be coming into the game. This would include front and back bumper mods, alongside offensive mods, for a vehicle.

Unfortunately, as many players will recall, nothing happened and Fortnite Season 6 ended on a dry note. No further vehicle mods were added to the game, and there were no signs of weapon mods coming anytime soon. Nonetheless, as the saying goes, good things take time to happen.

A tweet from prominent Fortnite leaker HYPEX has now sent fans into a tizzy, and the excitement cannot be contained.

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Fortnite leaker HYPEX hints at weapon mods coming to the game soon

A few hours ago, HYPEX informed the Fortnite community that the long-awaited weapon mods would be coming to the game soon.

While there’s no given date or timeline, HYPEX suspects that Epic Games will reveal it during a “Special Season.”

While the information is ambiguous at best, based on recent leaks from an insider, Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 10 is truly going to be special, given that Kevin The Cube is supposedly set to make a comeback. If these events do come true, loopers could see a brand-new weapon modding system in-game around that time.

According to HYPEX, the new mechanics will be simple in nature. Players will be able to find mods and equip them onto weapons on the fly. The mods will affect things like magazine size, bullet damage and could even provide elemental damage like fire.

Given that Epic Games is working on something called the “Electricity Element” in the future, weapons may feature various element damage, which will impart status damage on players. However, whether this comes true is yet to be seen.

It would seem that the crafting system was only the beginning of events that have been set in motion. While there’s no timeline at the moment, given that Fortnite Season 7 ends in September, loopers should begin seeing some major leaks coming their way during the holiday season.

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