Fortnite Season 6: How to Hunt and Tame Animals

Fortnite’s latest Season adds wildlife to the game’s Battle Royal mode. Here’s players can make the most out of Fortnite’s four animal types.

Fortnite has gone primal with the second chapter of Season Six, which includes a huge trailer that may or may not have secretly featured The Rock. The Zero Crisis storyline has sent the game’s world back in time, erasing much of the technology that was present. With this comes tons of changes to Fortnite as a whole such as crafting, the newest game crossover with Lara Croft’s guest skin and a whole host of animals to complement the new environment. These animals can help players get a victory royal in various ways, though they also bring a slew of possible dangers as well.

In total, players will be able to run into four kinds of animals, each of which has its own unique uses, drops and dangers. Animals have their own spawn conditions rather than set locations, so locating them is the first step towards getting the most use out of them. Here’s what players should know about each of Fortnite‘s current animals.

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Chickens can typically be found nearby farms and mini-spires, and they spawn in small groups. Chickens cannot technically be tamed, though chasing one down and grabbing it will allow players to jump and float for a short distance. This has garnered plenty of comparisons to The Legend of Zelda series, which features a similar mechanic with its cuccos.

Like other animals in Fortnite, chickens can be hunter and will drop bones and meat. Bones are extremely useful in crafting recipes, and meat is vital for taming other animals. The unique types of movement that chickens provide could be extraordinarily useful in-game though they also could be prime targets for bones and meat.


Wolves are one of the tamable animals currently in Fortnite, and players will need to acquire meat to properly tame them. Wolves travel in packs and are hostile to players, so use caution and care when approaching one. Luckily, most animals in the game have small HP pools, so as long as a player is able to keep their distance, they should be able to take care of any hostile wolves with ease.

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To tame a wolf, players will need to throw a piece of meat to distract it, then interact with it up close. The craftable Hunter’s Cloak can help players sneak up on wild animals. Tamed wolves are fragile but extremely dangerous, as they’ll attack anyone who shoots at the player who tamed them. They can dish out a hefty amount of damage and are currently regarded as the best animal in the game.


Frogs can’t be tamed and mainly exist to give players a vital resource for crafting. To find a frog, players should track down a body of water, which tends to be their preferred area to spawn. Once found players can either leave them be or kill them to harvest Stink Sacs, allowing them to make Primal Stink Bows.

As of now, frogs seem to be the least-useful animals in the game as they aren’t even the only way to get Primal Stink Bows. Players can also create the weapon with three stink fish, though a single frog is certainly the more resource-friendly option. Primal Stink Bows create a cloud of poisonous gas which are useful for helping get enemies out of cover.

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The last animal currently in Fortnite is the boar. Much like wolves, boars can also be tamed by players with the right kind of materials on them. However, while wolves require meat, boars can be tamed with fruit or plants. To find a boar, players should head to Colossal Crops Farm, as there’s a field where three boars will always spawn.

Once tamed, boars act as bulkier versions of wolves that deal less damage. Much like wolves, they’ll charge anyone who shoots at the player who tamed them. The big downside to boars is that they always charge in a straight line towards their target. This makes them a less effective choice when compared to wolves, though they can take a bit more damage than the other tamable animals currently in the game.

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