Fortnite Season 6 glitch is making Raptors and other animals on the island invisible

The latest Fortnite glitch, the ability to make Raptors invisible in Fortnite, is truly game-changing and broken. When it comes to glitches, some are purely cosmetic, while others can provide an in-game advantage.

Raptors have finally made it to the island after the 16.10 update, and they’re indeed a primal force to be reckoned with. Raptors deal 25-30 damage per hit, making it extremely difficult for players to survive against a pack.

These primal creatures add a lot of flavor to the primal season and introduce new dynamics to the game. As of now, these wild but tamable creatures are the apex predators of Fortnite. Caution is advised when trying to tame them, as they can down players quickly.

Presently these primal creatures are highly sorted after in-game to be tamed and used by players against opponents, and can even open doors. While Raptors are not game-breaking, even in large numbers, the ability to make Raptors invisible in Fortnite will definitely stir up the hornet’s nest.

Resident Fortnite glitch expert, Glitch King, figured out a way to turn Raptors invisible in Fortnite.

The process is not really as complicated as players may imagine.

Raptors turn invisible in Fortnite Season 6

In a video, Glitch King showcased how to make these fearsome predators invisible with a simple trick. The Raptors are literally reborn in the flames of destruction and vanish into thin air.

This glitch is not cosmetic in nature, and it is unknown at the moment whether the Raptors can be seen by other players once the glitch is done. Suffice to say, it is game-changing and may break the game if not patched.

Destroying the vehicle to make it explode (Image via Glitch King, YouTube)
Destroying the vehicle to make it explode (Image via Glitch King, YouTube)

In the video, Glitch King is seen hitting a vehicle until it catches fire, and no sooner than it does, he throws a piece of meat on it to attract the tamed Raptor. Once the vehicle explodes, the Raptor’s animation disappears, and only a small marker appears over it.

Raptor turned invisible (Image via Glitch King, YouTube)
Raptor turned invisible (Image via Glitch King, YouTube)

It is not known if Epic Games is aware of this major glitch at the moment, but it has the potential to be abused by players in-game.

According to Glitch King, this glitch also works on all animals in-game at the moment. Despite the usual biweekly update schedule that the publishers have, this particular glitch may require some emergency patchwork.

Disclaimer: The writer and Sportskeeda are not to be held responsible if the glitch is misused in-game.

Published 03 Apr 2021, 19:58 IST

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