‘Fortnite’ Season 6 Bargain Bin Wild Week: Discounted Weapons, Prices, Deadline, and More Tips!

“Fortnite” is celebrating its final Wild Week with the Bargain Bin event! Time to spend all your hard-earned gold bars before it resets back to zero at season’s end.

Got no idea what to buy? Well, the Bargain Bin puts most weapons at 50 percent off! Here is a quick list of weapons you can buy at their discounted price.

Clutchpoints made a helpful list of some of the best exotic weapons you can choose from the “Fortnite” Season 6 Bargain Bin wild week. This list includes the weapon name, discounted price, location to purchase, and weapon description.

Note that these weapons are generally “OP” in-game meta styles that could easily break the game (in your favor.)

Chug Cannon

Price: 300 Bars.

Location: Slurpy Swamp.

Chug Cannon is one of the best support weapons you can ask for in the “Fortnite” inventory. Similar to the Bandage Bazooka back in Chapter 2, this weapon will greatly restore your health. However, it will also give everyone shields. Everyone, including you, your team, and your opponents.

Grappler Bow

Price; 250 Bars.

Location: Stealthy Stronghold.

If you want to grapple with style, then grab the limited-edition grappler bow. The weapon has a high damage output, but its main feature is the ability to grapple across great distances if your arrow hits its mark.

Hop Rock Dualies

Price: 250 Bars.

Location: Logjam Woodworks.

It is a dual pistol weapon that gives you low gravity perks. To use the feature, jump from a high platform, and hit the fire button. Once the shot goes off, you will not take any fall damage, no matter how high you jump.

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Marksman Six Shooter

Price: 200 Bars.

Location: Sheriff’s Office near Lazy Lake.

This is a gun with high accuracy, firing speed, and critical damage. This exotic weapon gets scary OP that would only cost 2-3 headshots to eliminate enemies with full shields and health bar. It has a secondary firing option where you would shoot without the scope, with the firing rate lower but significantly more accurate.

Shadow Tracker 

Price: 200 Bars.

Location: Dance Club Cabin.

The shadow tracker weapon is a typical pistol but has the handy feature to mark the enemy and their squad when hit. This weapon is basically a wallhack skill for players in-game. Note, however, that you cannot see the actual outline of your enemy’s body. Instead, you will see a marker on the top of their head that indicates their position.

Unstable Bow

Price: 250 Bars.

Location: Mysterious House near Sweaty Sands.

This is one of the best bows you can ever find in “Fortnite.” In a nutshell, Unstable Bow is four different bows mixed into one. The bow shoots random arrows, including skills from the Primal Flame Bow, the Primal Stink Bow, the Mechanical Explosive Bow, and the Mechanical Shockwave Bow.

“Fortnite” Bargain Bin is not limited to these weapons only. Check out the different NPCs and shops across the map and find out if your favorite weapon has also been put up for sale. Log in to “Fortnite” now because this is a time-limited event sale!

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