‘Fortnite’ Season 5 Is Bringing Its Old Map Back

Most of the new additions to the map in Fortnite chapter 5 are big and splashy, like you’d expect. A desert marked by crystalline purple shards, a menacing coliseum, a secretive jungle compound stuck out on the northern shore, and so on. Even so, amid all that, there are some points of interest that aren’t nearly so exotic when compared to what we’ve seen before. And, mostly, is because we have definitely seen them before.

Scattered all throughout the map now are vestiges of the old, Chapter 1 map that we left behind in the climactic black hole event. The easiest to spot is the new “Salty Towers” location, which is a reincarnation of some of the buildings in Tilted Towers along with the more suburban Salty Springs. But there are other bits and pieces all over the map: a Viking ship in the West, where it was before, Flush Factory popping back up, even Dusty Depot, the first POI to bite the dust way back in Season 4. There were always parts of the old map that never left, like Retail Row, but the fact that these ones are coming back is interesting.

The plot is a little hard to follow this time around, but it definitely relates back to the final Season of Chapter 1, which also featured this Zero Point business currently floating above the map as well as Agent Jonesy, the suit and tie default skin that is currently summoning hunters from various dimensions for reasons that I believe go beyond “it is fun”.

The interdimensionality thing appears to be related to the actual fiction of how Fortnite justifies its persistent world between matches: we saw a little bit of that when Tony Stark said he had summoned millions of battle busses to fight Galactus, the implication being that those were all the other players. The whole conceit here revolves around an unstable reality, and that seems to be why these objects from an older version of the world—or just another version—are phasing back in.

Could we see a full reset to the old map? And if so, which old map? It wouldn’t be the actual original map, because Tilted didn’t show up until later. But I’ll be curious to see how this evolves over the course of the season.

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