Fortnite Season 5 Features Han Solo Carbonite Easter Egg

Fortnite Season 5 features a hidden easter egg inspired by Han Solo being frozen inside Carbonite, except the victim this time is yellow and fruity.

While Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 has only been out for a few days now, the Mandalorian has already been hard at work collecting bounties which is evident through an easter egg resembling when Han Solo was frozen in Carbonite. While this method of preserving a bounty was popularized in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, it is also used by bounty hunters across the galaxy including The Mandalorian.

In the first episode of the Disney+ original series The Mandalorian, one of the opening scenes shows the main character’s collection of marks frozen in Carbonite. This is the method in which Mando transports his living targets without the fear of them getting loose and putting him in danger. This method of “flash freezing” a target inside of a metal casing was introduced in Star Wars: Episode V when the dashing Han Solo was captured by Boba Fett. Since Fortnite Season 5 is bounty hunter-themed and features a crossover with The Mandalorian, it makes sense that some of Fornite’s inhabitants would find themselves frozen in Carbonite.

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Peely, Fortnite’s iconic banana character, has seemingly gotten himself in a bit of trouble as he can be found in the new POI Hunter’s Haven solidified in Carbonite. This was first discovered by Reddit user Urboijeff who posted a screenshot of the helpless banana to the FortNiteBR subreddit. Carbonite Peely can be found in the upstairs room of the most western house located at the top of a cliff in Hunter’s Haven.

While this discovery is humorous, it is also sad for Peely. Players can break the structure with their pickaxe which results in Peely completely disappearing seemingly being removed from existence. Or maybe the Carbonite structure is an empty shell, which would give players some peace of mind. Regardless, someone has a hit out for Peely and they are wanting him to be brought in alive.

Fortnite Season 5 is really leaning into the bounty hunter theme, and Epic Games is bringing in some of the most unconventional bounty hunters. The recent addition of God of War’s Kratos and potential Halo crossover show that no one with enough skill in combat is off-limits. Hopefully, Fortnite will also include easter eggs from their universes as well, or at least it could add more Fortnite characters frozen in Carbonite around the map.

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Source: Urboijeff

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