Fortnite Season 5 Crossover Skin Characters Ranked By Deadliness

Chapter 2 Season 5 of Fortnite has been another season chock-full of crossover appearances, but this time, the pop culture icons making their way to Fortnite‘s island serve a greater purpose. Usually, crossover characters are flashy additions to the game that do little in the way of affecting the season’s storyline (with the exception of the Marvel-themed season), but Fortnite‘s Season 5 crossover characters are being recruited by Agent Jonesy to stop anyone from entering The Island’s Zero Point. Depending on their personal abilities, some might be more ready for this task than others.

At the end of Fortnite Season 4, players teamed up with some of Marvel’s mightiest heroes to defeat Galactus, the Devourer of Worlds. However, in the process of stopping Galactus, The Island’s Zero Point was exposed, causing all sorts of chaos for Agent Jonesy and the Imagination Order. At the start of Fortnite Season 5, Jonesy explained he would be recruiting guns-for-hire to stop anyone (or anything) from entering or exiting the Zero Point portal. Within a week, Agent Jonesy began introducing crossover characters, with a new pop culture icon landing in The Island every week.

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Agent Jonesy is recruiting heroes and villains from all different mediums and time periods of pop-culture. Aliens and intergalactic bounty hunters have all been summoned to help defend The Island, but which crossover characters can actually put up a decent fight? Sure, these characters make great cosmetic additions to the game, but what are the chances they could stop a horde of oncoming players from entering the Zero Point?

In order to rank the Fortnite Season 5 crossover characters’ deadliness, Screen Rant gauged how well each could hold their own in a traditional round of Fortnite. This means 100 players attempting to enter the Zero Point, with the crossover character using their skillset to try to stop them. Only the 10 characters whose addition was specifically requested by Jonesy were counted, which excludes characters such as Green Arrow, Joker, and Poison Ivy, who were added to the game separate from the Season 5 storyline.

Every Fortnite Season 5 Crossover Skin, Ranked By Their Power

fortnite season 5 crossovers ranked by deadliness


Coming in last place is the Fortnite Tron crossover. Rather than adding a specific character to Fortnite, this added variants to the default skins. These skins are meant to represent players trapped in Tron’s digital world and come with the franchise’s identity discs and light cycles. As in the movies, Grid Warriors can only throw two discs at a time before waiting for them to return, and it only takes one hit to eliminate them from the game, making them the weakest character here.

Daryl & Michonne

The Walking Dead’s fan-favorite characters, Daryl Dixon and Michonne, are up next, as they don’t have a lot of training in actual combat. Sure, these two can take down hordes of mindless zombies, but when it comes to 100 cracked Fortnite players wielding automatic weapons, they don’t stand a chance. The Walking Dead‘s cast relies heavily on diplomacy to survive its fellow humans, but that won’t get these two very far on The Island. Daryl and Michonne may be able to take a few more hits than the Tron characters, but they are still mere humans.

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Snake Eyes

G.I. Joe‘s Snake Eyes is next, but not by much. He pulls ahead of Daryl and Michonne due to his higher skill level, but this sword-wielding ninja can only handle so many foes at a time. He is usually backed up by the rest of the G.I. Joes and, even then, still takes his time dealing with a handful of foes in close combat. Snake Eyes could get the jump on the first few dozen Fortnite players, but he wouldn’t fare well against anyone with a rocket launcher.

Sarah Connor

The long-standing protagonist of the Terminator franchise, Sarah Connor, is in a similar boat as the aforementioned characters. She’s a human who has been hardened by battle, but her mortality limits how long she could last against 100 Fortnite players. She pulls ahead of the rest due to the feats she has accomplished, including becoming a legendary figure during the Future War and taking down a T-800 Terminator. However, she still can’t take too many bullets before she kicks the bucket.


Next is Terminator‘s main antagonist, the T-800 android. These deadly androids can withstand bullets and explosions and are made to kill anything that gets in their way. However, they are limited to the weaponry of the time period they are in. This means that the T-800 would only be able to combat players with the weapons found on Fortnite‘s island. There are also a number of ways a Terminator can be taken down, including piercing weapons and close-proximity explosions. While a T-800 android could take down quite a few players, it wouldn’t be long before a well-placed grenade turned it into a pile of scrap.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is placed high on this list due to his resourcefulness, situational awareness, and deadly arsenal of weapons. Bullets and laser are easily deflected by his full-Beskar Mandalorian armor, and his laser pistol and sniper would make quick work of any player. The Mandalorian was quite strong during Mando’s Bounty LTM, and he likely wouldn’t be caught out in the open very often. If overwhelmed by a large number of Fortnite players, Mando will struggle to find a way out of the situation without help, but he won’t go to his grave without taking a fair few players with him.

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The next four characters would likely be able to take on all 100 players without fail, so they’ll have to be compared to each other. First up is the Predator, introduced into Fortnite in January. The Predator has a large arsenal of futuristic weapons, including a cloaking device, Combistick, Bio-helmet, and shoulder-mounted Plasmacaster. Predators are trained to be elite hunters and have proven a single one can take down large numbers of trained military personnel. It may take some time, but the Predator could pick off each of the 100 players attempting to enter the Zero Point, even if they are able to detect its presence.

Master Chief

Master Chief is placed above Predator due to his strength, agility, and experience taking out large numbers of enemies. If this armored Spartan can quickly take out hundreds of Grunts and Elites while fleeing an exploding Halo, he could probably make quick work of 100 Fortnite players. Predator may put up a good fight, but with one well-placed shot from a SRS99-AM sniper rifle or a swing of an Energy Sword, the fight be over.

fortnite master chief vs kratos


The PlayStation representative and God of War’s frontman, Kratos, places second. It should be enough to say that Kratos has killed multiple gods, but he can also wield godly weapons and various superpowers. He’s the son of Zeus, making him a demigod, and if times get rough, he has been known to rise from the dead, having done so on three separate occasions. He could easily tear through 100 Fortnite players and could best Master Chief using his god-like abilities. Even Master Chief would struggle to come back from being struck with lightning.

The Flash

The final and most lethal character introduced in Fortnite Season 5 is the Flash. Someone who can run so fast they travel through time can easily deal with 100 normal humans. He is incredibly hard to kill and has killed a number of superheroes with a single burst of energy. Since his debut, Flash has been breaking the laws of physics, time, space, and reality, making him one of the most powerful heroes in the DC Universe. None of the other characters on this list would stand a chance against Flash. Agent Jonesy called in the right person for the job, as no one but another speedster would be able to get close to the Zero Point while Flash is around. It would be hard for Fortnite to add anyone else this season that could dethrone Flash, but there are still a few weeks to go before Season 5 comes to an end.

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