Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Has “Pay-To-Lose” Pickaxe

fortnite pay to lose lexa pickaxe

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It seems like each season there’s a pickaxe out there that will put you at a competitive disadvantage in Fortnite.

If you remember Thor’s Mjolnir or Wolverine’s Claws from last season, then you likely already know where this is going, but in case you’re out of the loop, here’s what’s going on.

In the Season 5 Battle Pass, there’s a character named Lexa who is unlocked at level 73, but her pickaxe is what we’re going to focus on here.

For the most part, every pickaxe in the game has the same pullout animation, but there are some that will go slower than others. Obviously, that will put you at a disadvantage during a build fight, so you’ll want to avoid this one if possible.

Beware the Null Claws

[bug] lexas pickaxe is delayed due to the animation like mjolnir was last season from FortNiteBR

These claws are unlocked at level 75, and if you’re using Lexa already, you’ll likely want to throw them on.

In the video uploaded by Reddit user SinxtiCoolo, you can see the delay is just a tad longer than regular pickaxes, which isn’t always a huge deal, but in the thick of a fight, it can be major problem.

If you’re somebody who values looks over everything, you can use these pickaxes as normal and you probably won’t run into many issues at all. If you’re a person who wants as much competitive edge you can get, then stay far away from them.

Will This Be Fixed?

Some of the pickaxes that had problems like this were eventually fixed, so there’s reason to believe this pullout delay can be adjusted in the future.

Of course, there’s not a timetable for any of this, and Epic Games hasn’t exactly commented on this pickaxe being an issue.

Until this bug is actually mentioned as being a real issue, you probably shouldn’t expect anything to change. For the time being, if you find this pickaxe causing you problems, the best advice would be to just use another, as disappointing as that might be.

Thankfully, Fortnite is full of different cool pickaxes, so you’re bound to find something to take the place of the Null Claws.

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