Fortnite Season 4 FNCS Week 3 final results

The FNCS Season 4 qualifiers have now ended as Week 3 wrapped up this past weekend. Now, we’re onto the Grand Finals next week on all regions and platforms.

Ahead, we’ll give you a breakdown of the top-15 players in each region during the Week 3 qualifiers – although this won’t tell the whole story. NA-east, West, and saw double and triple-qualified teams, meaning more spots will open to teams who qualify through the Season 4 leaderboard. Let’s take a look.

FNCS Week 3 European results

The European region was shrouded in controversy over the weekend, with stream sniping allegations, players leaving, and an overall mess on Twitter. Despite all of this, Jannis and his team won the week with 201 points – the lowest point total of a winner in any of the “Big 3” regions.

We had several double and triple-qualifiers in Europe, this week. It will be interesting to see which teams make it into the Grand Finals on the back of total Season points – with so many spots up for grabs.

  1. MCES and1zr, Wave JannisZ, MCES duckontop
  2. TrainH Umplify, Adnsoefy, TrainH Matsoe
  3. BL Hеn, GO Decyptos, NaVi Putrick
  4. k1nzеll, Wolfiezrr, dumptruсk
  5. E11 Refsgaard, vitality stompyx, skrаm
  6. ATX BlastR, Vitаlity Nikof, TrainH Alphaa
  7. COOLER zq, R0babzr, b1acky.BDS
  8. TrainH Skite, TrainH 팔콘 리, TrainH 야ᄀ소우
  9. Deal with Mappi, DSR Fnajen, LeftEye71
  10. Solarу Floki, Rams Clement, Rams naekoz
  11. FaZe Mongrааl, f1-f2-f3-f4, deal with tayson
  12. Vetle 7, IDrop 7, Playwell Styrsix
  13. Vitality é9ki.èq, Vatо, leo the crackrr
  14. EP Aleksa, GXR Milаn, сhapix 74
  15. 1lushaFN, Fury Legendary, OVA RijasR

FNCS Week 3 NA-East results

The Teeam Liquid X NRG squad of Cented, Edgey, and Commandment dominated the NA-East region in Week 3, finishing with 236 points – 20 points above Deyy, Mero, and Reverse2k in second. Zayt, Saf, and Stretch had another strong showing with a third-place finish.

A lot of the teams who finished in the top 15 had already qualified, which means more spots are open to those who place highly on the seasonal leaderboard. Here’s a look at how the top 15 looked when the last week of qualifiers ended.

  1. TSM_Comadon, Liquid ilililil, NRG Edgey
  2. TNA Deyy, TNA Mero., Reverse2k
  3. NRG Zayt, TSM saffy, Liquid STREMON
  4. LG Jampеr ψ, bughа, C9 Avery
  5. NRG СІіх, illеst, FаZe Bizzle
  7. LG Slackes, Acоrn, Vanish ʝahq
  8. Crumblerr, Nexybtw, Marzz_Ow
  9. FaZe Megga., Liquid Riversan, FаZe Dubs ϟ
  10. Degеn, Ajerss, SEN Animal
  11. GАВΕ, tаhi, sprite dabdabdab
  12. zum ., skqttles, NRG Ronaldo
  13. Јoji, Kn1pher, TabzG
  14. Ghost Nittle, Mikeу., Ghost clarityG
  15. vsB pgod, Alliege, Jelty

FNCS Week 3 NA-West results

The team of Little, Temple B, and Pelican took home the victory in Week 3 of the FNCS qualifiers with 227 points – ten points above Kenshi, Maken, and Dog in second. Unsurprisingly, Arkham, Rehx, and Epikwhale came in third place, with Reet, Wavydfavs, and dwavy behind them.

The NA-West region might be them ost top-heavy in all of Fortnite. Will this only be a three or four team race? We’ll have to tune in next week to find out.

  1. LITTLEǃ, TEMPLE B, clg pelican
  2. kenshiメ, mаken, TD Dоg
  3. 100T Arkhram., 100T rehx, NRG EpikWhale
  4. XΤRA Reet, wavydfavs13, EP dwavy13
  5. CLG symetrical, NorCal Mony, jayrosez
  6. NorCal Nol, NorCal Pepper., Apex Swarm
  7. xtra caleb, XTRA Bumboy, XTRA verT
  8. kuuzii, qCu17aH21cNO4k, Lollicker
  9. ThaiTanks, 5G KADENOX, vanish sake
  10. avail Ѵ, breaduh, Verno.
  11. S2 alithy, wavydrift13, Outcast Frap
  12. slіmXX, Nitrixǃ, zinqxzǃ
  13. Kewlǃ, BeckTHD., MilkManFN
  14. kаrp, coоpеr, Aiden eh 30
  15. Pure snаcky, pure unsightly, pure chriѕ

We’ll be back next week with more coverage of the FNCS Season 4 Grand Finals in each region. Make sure to stay up to date with all things Fortnite by following us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL.

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