Fortnite Season 3 New Fish Types Leaked

Fortnite Season 3 new fish types leaked.
Fortnite Season 3 new fish types leaked. | Image courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite Season 3 new fish types leaked in a tweet. The new fish types that were discovered in the game’s code are likely still being tested. All of them are new types of “floppers” to expand on the existing fish in the game which are floppers, small fry, slurpfish, and mythic goldfish.

Fish can be caught in Fortnite by using a fishing rod, harpoon gun, or using an explosive in a fishing spot. Fishing spots can be found by the white circle of foam on the surface as well as visible fish and bubbles under the surface. Fortnite has had fish since the beginning of Season 2, but now that the map has moved underwater, players have far more opportunities to catch them.

The effects of these new fish types are still unknown, but they seem to be combat items, unlike the current fish which are mostly healing items. Despite the addition of rideable sharks, these fish will probably not provide transportation.

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