Fortnite Rumble update continues to receive backlash

Fortnite’s latest update for Rumble caught a few negative remarks from fans after its release, adding to the backlash it has already been receiving. The update focuses more on combat and takes the spotlight away from exploring the map and looting.

Rumble in Fortnite seems to be steering in a direction that players aren’t happy with since the mystery before big fights has been eliminated. The majority of Rumble players want it to be changed back to its original state.

Fortnite’s Rumble update reactions

Since the storm closes in 1 minute, players who seek to complete challenges have an extremely limited window to finish them. Fortnite’s Rumble takes away a core aspect of the game to push players closer to combat, a feature some players place second over others.

Some players have asked Epic Games to include a mode in Fortnite that opposes Rumble’s combat focus and centers around the looting/exploring aspect. A big reason behind this is because players who aren’t quite as skilled at the shooting part might get lost in the weeds here.

Epic Games’ attempt to prevent people from leaving the game seems to have backfired as some are leaving for a different reason. Since the looting and exploration aspect has essentially been removed, many players dip before the end of the match.

It’s clear that the fanbase around Rumble’s update has rejected the changes and isn’t pleased with the decision to shift the game mode. As one of Fortnite’s most popular modes, the backlash it has received seems to have tanked its ratings.

Casual players might as well stay away from Rumble now, according to some disgruntled Fortnite players. Many are stating that Fortnite is attempting to make the game as sweaty as possible and is only meant for tryhards, eliminating space for casual play.

Negative responses from the Fortnite community are hard to ignore. Almost all of its players who have taken to social media are complaining and explaining how broken Rumble is now.

Here are a few more reactions from frustrated players:

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