Fortnite Removes Cuddlefish From Competitive Playlists

Due to an issue with the Cuddle Fish item introduced in Fortnite Season 6, a recent update temporarily removes it from the game.

With the start of Season 6 in Fornite, a lot of new items and activities have been introduced to the game. One of those items has received complaints from players. A recent update has removed that controversial item from the game, but not due to the negative feedback. The official Fortnite Status Twitter account made a post revealing the Cuddle Fish item would no longer be available in competitive playlists due to an undisclosed issue. As noted by the account, the item will make its return once the issue has been fixed.

The post doesn’t state what this issue is, but it must have been causing enough trouble to be removed. For now, there is also no word on when it will be reintroduced. The Cuddle Fish was added to Fortnite in Season 6 and can be fished up by players who know where to find it. Once in the inventory, players can throw it at others, causing it to stick to them, and then explode in a matter of seconds. Since its introduction, many have complained about the item, claiming it is too overpowered and broken. Thus, those who were already not a fan of the Cuddle Fish are not mourning its recent removal.

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The Cuddle Fish is just one small part of all the new content in Fortnite. There are new NPCs to interact with, an unlockable Neymar skin, and a slew of secret quests for fast XP, to name a few recent additions. As usual, every week also brings new challenges and quests for players, providing a continuous list of things to accomplish. One of the newest challenges asks players to find and collect literature samples. It’s one of the more straightforward challenges but rewards a good amount of XP.

As for what’s coming next to Fortnite, there have been a few leaks here and there that provide some insight. Last week, a leak revealed a dangerous meteor that could be hurtling towards the island in the future. The strange rock was discovered by a leaker who posted an image of the object along with its codename, “boulder”, and its stats. Whatever Epic Games has planned for the item is unknown at this time, but it can only spell bad news for players, as it seems to be made to deal damage.

For now, players can only make assumptions from leaks and rumors. However, Epic Games has recently confirmed one new thing headed to the game. The next artist to be featured in another in-game musical performance has been announced. Fortnite will be hosting a DJ Kaskade concert for Llama-Rama 2021, a crossover event with Rocket League. The event will kick off on March 25 and will come with challenges that, upon completion, will provide players with rewards for both games.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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