Fortnite Removes All Trucks From The Game Due To Unknown Error

Fortnite has removed all trucks from the game due to an unknown error, which could be an inconvenience for those catching up on challenges.

Another issue has arisen during Fortnite Season 5 that has forced Epic Games to take extreme measures, this time resulting in the removal of all the trucks in the game. Fortnite has a variety of other vehicles that players can still use, but a few weekly challenges require the player to use trucks specifically in order to complete them.

Fortnite has had a multitude of vehicles added and removed from the game over the course of its 15 seasons. Planes, four-wheelers, and hamster balls are only a few of the wacky means of transportations that Fortnite has introduced to the Battle Royale. However, it wasn’t until Chapter 2 Season 3 (Fortnite’s 13th season) that proper vehicles such as cars, trucks, and semis were added to the game. Now, for the first time since their implementation, trucks have been pulled from the game.

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The official Fortnite Status account tweeted that trucks, also known as OG Bears, have been temporarily removed from the game. The tweet did not mention why the trucks were removed except for vaguely stating there was some sort of issue involved. A large number of replies to the announcement come from disgruntled players who regard the OG Bear truck as the best vehicle currently in the game, while others fear the trucks may never return.

This is a fair assumption as Fortnite had to remove Sand Tunneling earlier this season due to a glitch that caused players to become invincible. In fact, Sand Tunneling was removed twice this season: once when the bug was discovered, and a second time after it was thought to be fixed but wasn’t. Sand Tunneling has now been disabled for over a month and for the greater portion of Season 5. Sand Tunneling has since returned in the game’s latest update, and hopefully, it’s actually fixed this time. While the season isn’t scheduled to end until sometime in March, it’s still reasonable to believe that trucks may not return anytime soon.

Whether they return within a few days or next season, it would be nice to know why they were removed in the first place. Did they explode too easily when shot at? Could more people pile into the back of the pick-up truck than intended? Regardless, players need trucks to make special deliveries as part of Fortnite’s weekly challenges, so it would be nice to see them return in a timely manner.

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