Fortnite pros Clix and Ronaldo might shift to Warzone after a recent team-up with Symfuhny

Clix and Ronaldo were playing Warzone with Symfuhny when Clix claimed that Fortnite was going to die.

In this stream, Clix switched between Fortnite and Warzone before sticking with the latter. Clix rage quit Fortnite before continuing on Warzone and stated that Fortnite is dying. His exact words were:

“This game is gonna die, I don’t care for it… I’m done so bad. I’m done.”

Clix’s raged the new and overpowered Mythic Primal Shotgun was used against him. This weapon seems to make Victory Royales very easy, as many players are fully aware. Despite still having 24 shield and full health, Clix only needed two shots to be killed.

Several players agree that this shotgun is wholly broken and ruins the game. It shoots almost as fast as a pistol, but it can kill other players who have full health and shield in 3 shots. Even if Clix has managed to dodge those shots, this shotgun has the same capacity per reload as a pistol.

Clix felt the weapon was unfair and gave unfair advantages to other players. Clix said specifically:

“That’s just not fair bro. How the f*** is that fair bro, like how the fuck is that fair? Like bro, what the f*** is that?”

Clix’s retirement would lead to more heat for the ‘Fortnite is dying’ argument. Clix is one of Fortnite’s best pros, and his departure will be a significant blow to the community in general.

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Clix’s chat seems to be tired of Fortnite too.

Symfuhny played Warzone with Clix and Ronaldo, and Syfuhny explained the rules and gave them tips. Eventually, the team did very well for an hour or so. The chat loved this change of pace and was very supportive.

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When Clix went back into Fortnite, the chat immediately went into a rage and began requesting the trio go back to Warzone. Although Clix was not the best Warzone player and followed Symfuhny pretty closely, it was still interesting to watch them play.

Image via Twitch
Image via Twitch

There seem to be many reasons for Clix to leave Fortnite for good.

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Published 29 Mar 2021, 00:02 IST

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