Fortnite Pro Returns After Valorant Stint

Valorant is the latest addition to the roster of multiplayer games out there. The game went through a pretty fast development, going from closed beta to launch in three months and is still growing. This 5v5 tactical shooter has the potential of becoming an eSport soon, with its own tournament structure and world championship.

But it will still need some time to get there, given the fact that the game is so new. Devs have already confirmed a ranked competitive that will come online with the 1.02 patch update. This will, unfortunately, have to wait for a while since the devs found a bug. Without fixing this issue, there is no question of launching the competitive mode.

A lot of lesser-known pros from other games had shifted to Valorant to try their luck. A few of those were forced to switch back too. Recently, major Fortnite pro player Huynh “Kinstaar” Duong made the switch back after quitting Valorant.

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Back to Fortnite

Kinstaar is the first major eSports pro to quit Valorant. He is a two-time world cup qualifier in Fortnite, although he has a CS: GO background. The team that Kinstaar played Valorant with also comprised of CS: GO pros like DavidP and Uzzziii among others. Kinstaar posted a tweet recently announcing this, and tagged his former teammates.

Translation: “After a long reflection, it is time that I separate from our Valorant LU… I wish you all the success, I know you can do it monsters”

DavidP and Uzzziii replied to Kinstaar’s tweet, showing him love.

Translation: “A monster… It was great meeting you and I wish you success in all that you plan to undertake bro.”

Translation: Awards: I played with Kinstaar… full of good things my brother.”

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Why are pros switching from Valorant to their original eSport

Kinstaar has replied in his own tweet stating that: “I’m leaving Valorant to become the best speedrunner on Portal 2”

The Fortnite pro had mentioned that he would return to Fortnite for sure. Now, there can be multiple reasons for this. Note that these are assumptions, although plausible ones. Valorant will need time to build a scene as big as Fortnite.

Moreover, to build earning prospects as big as Fortnite, Valorant will have to establish itself as an eSport first with global championships and the like. Although there is no doubt Valorant can reach that tier, it will need time. We have to wait and watch how the competitive turns out in Valorant, primarily with the 1.02 patch update.

What do you think of Valorant as an eSport?

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