Fortnite players want devs to fix popular mode in Season 7

Season 7 has given Fortnite another handy boost with tons of new content and changes, but one alteration hasn’t gone down well as fans want the game’s Team Rumble mode to be fixed.

When players aren’t on the edge of their seat nervously grinding out a Victory Royale in Fortnite, there are always fun challenges and distractions to engage with. There are weekly challenges that go towards completing the Battle Pass, and the act of completing them has become slightly more difficult.

Formerly a limited-time mode, Fortnite’s version of Team Deathmatch – Team Rumble – has felt stale for a while, and Epic Games decided to change it. However, the updated version of Team Rumble hasn’t gone down well with fans, and they want it to be reverted to its previous state.

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Team Rumble is overtly different from the game’s main battle royale mode as it has 32 players altogether and splits this up into two teams of 16 fighting each other.

The first team to achieve 100 eliminations before the other team wins. There are respawns aplenty, and players enjoy it because they can complete challenges more easily than they would in battle royale.

However, Epic Games has changed the game mode to make it feel new, and in doing so has alienated the fanbase – in the same way they’ve alienated Fortnite.

These are the changes that Epic has made to Team Rumble:

  • The storm already covers lots of the map before you even drop
  • The storm shrinks faster
  • The Battle Buses now cross paths next to each other
  • Players start with several basic weapons to reduce exploration

Fortnite recently brought out its 3.19 update for Season 7, and in the response to the Tweet, many players replied asking Epic to undo the new changes.

“revert the team rumble update,” “Hey Mr Fortnite Status, we love this season, and it’s really cool! But could you please revert Team Rumble back to normal?,” “Can you release a hotfix to revert the changes you made to Team Tumble this season?” are just a few select comments, with many more in agreement.

It’s become accepted that Team Rumble was used more to do challenges than it was for its core principles, so this change was possibly a deliberate move from Epic Games.

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