Fortnite Players V-Bucks Refunds Are Rolling Out Now

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Everyone who plays Fortnite knows that V-Bucks are most important currency in the game because this is what you’ll need in order to buy new skins.

With Season 6, we’ll have a bunch of new skins to look forward to as time goes on, so it’s important have as many V-Bucks as possible.

Some players are being refunded 200 V-Bucks from Epic as a result of a blunder regarding the Item Shop and the Battle Pass. The Wild Lobby music track showed up in the Item Shop and the Battle Pass, so people who paid for it in the shop are being refunded.

This track showed up in the shop on March 22, so if you were one of the people who picked it up that day, then you should be getting some good news very soon.

Refunds Are Going Out

On March 22, Epic said that they made a mistake in making this an Item Shop purchase since it’s a Battle Pass reward, so they revealed refunds would be going out to anybody who bought it.

Players who purchased or gifted the Item Shop version will be returned the V-Bucks they spent,” said Epic.

However, this now means you have to unlock it through the Battle Pass as it has now been removed from your locker. Luckily, it was just a music pack instead of a skin.

The two versions are the same, so don’t expect there to be any changes when you get it as a Battle Pass reward instead of from the Item Shop. The only downside is that not everybody buys the Battle Pass, so for some it will result in losing a music track with no way to get it back.

As for when you refund is coming in, it should be any time now.

When Is the Refund?

Refunds for the wild music pack are being sent out now. from FortNiteBR

By the time you’re reading this, you’ll have likely already gotten your refund if you were going to get one.

Remember, this is only for people who picked up this music pack from the Item Shop, so if that’s not you, then there’s no refund.

It’s also only 200 V-Bucks, which isn’t really good for much in the Item Shop except for the T-Pose emote or another music pack.

You could always hang onto the V-Bucks that were refunded here in an effort to save up for something bigger. You’ll be able to get a good helping of V-Bucks from the Battle Pass itself which could then be flipped into another Battle Pass or some more skins.

The reality is that there are a lot of things to spend V-Bucks on, and that has been especially true with the introduction of so many crossover skins over the past couple of seasons. This is what makes even a lowly amount like 200 V-Bucks so valuable.

If the crossovers keep on going into Season 6, then this will come in handy. So far, things have been quiet, but we all know Epic could drop a bombshell at any moment so keep an eye open.

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