Fortnite players baffled after fan-favorite POI from Chapter 1 teased

Many Fortnite players are missing the old map. Chapter 1’s map, though often changing, had some of the most enjoyable locations for players, like Lonely Lodge and Dusty Depot (or Divot, depending on when). The Chapter 2 initial live event revamped the existing map and nearly all POIs were replaced. Only Pleasant Park and Retail Row still exist. That was the case until now, potentially.

Fortnite players are baffled by the potential teasing of perhaps the most popular POI from Chapter 1: Tilted Towers. The potential for the return of Tilted Towers has fans waiting patiently for a leak or announcement. For now, they’ll have to settle for a simple tease.

Fortnite Tilted Towers return teased

As Blazzozz FX has pointed out on Twitter, one of the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 loading screens may be teasing the return of Tilted Towers. Several of the buildings are on the loading screen, including most notably the clock tower from Tilted Towers.

Even Epic Games has hinted at a new POI being added this season, adding fuel to the Tilted Towers return fire.

While the return of Tilted Towers is possible, it’s safe to assume it won’t be an exact replica of the original Tilted Towers. The first time Tilted Towers left and returned, it was stylized as Neo Tilted, fitting with the futuristic theme of the time. If Tilted Towers does return, it can be assumed it’ll keep the alien theme that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 has introduced.

Neo Tilted. Image via Fortnite INTEL
Neo Tilted. Image via Fortnite INTEL

Given the rumors that Coral Castle is going to get destroyed this season, it could pave the way for the reintroduction of Tilted Towers. Fortnite rarely changes things without some sort of in-game explanation, so a live event that destroys Coral Castle and brings back Tilted Towers is likely.

Coral Castle. Image via YouTube
Coral Castle. Image via YouTube

There is no date set for the destruction of Coral Castle or the addition of Tilted Towers, as neither have been confirmed by Epic Games, and the latter is simply a tease and not even a leak. Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is available to play now.

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