Fortnite Patch Notes – v13.00 Season 3 Fortnite Update

Here’s the unofficial Fortnite patch notes for today’s v13.00 season 3 update.

Fortnite Season 2 lasted more than 120 days, but season 3 is finally here. The update was officially available at 8:30 AM BST after the servers were down for over two hours. As usual, Epic Games have decided not to post any patch notes for today’s v13.00 Fortnite update, and at this point it seems unlikely we’ll ever get patch notes again.

Fortnite patch notes allow players to check out all the new weapons and items added along with any nerfs of buffs to the existing weapons. Every season sees a few weapons unvaulted and vaulted, but players are no longer able to see this information and will have to keep playing the game to find out which weapons and items have been added or removed.

We’ve decided to create our own unofficial Fortnite patch notes which we’ll aim to update with any new information we find.

Fortnite Patch Notes 17th June

What’s new in the v13.00 Update

There’s a bunch of new weapons including mythic weapons that are obtained from the new bosses in season 3. The charge shotgun finally makes its way into the game after being leaked back in season 2. A flare gun was also added to the files, but it doesn’t seem to be in the game at the moments.

Here’s all the Fortnite weapons and items added in this update along with the stats of each. The weapons in gold/yellow colour are the new mythic weapons.

New Fortnite Weapons
New Fortnite Weapons

Map Changes

We have a number of map changes this season with a large parts of the map flooded. We also have four new named locations including THe Fortilla, The Authority, Catty Corner, and Rickety Rig. We’ll have a post outlining all the small and large map changes.

Whirpool and Sharks

Whirlpools are a new feature in season 3 that will launch you in the air allowing players to redeploy. We’re not sure if these spawn randomly or have set locations, but if you’ve hovering over them, they’ll be hard to miss.

As teased in posters during season 2 as well as sharks being added to the water wall at end of the event this week, sharks have been added to the game. You’ll need to be careful around them as they bite you and come leaping out of the water. There’s also been players posting videos of sharks following and eliminating them on land.

Fortnite Shark
Fortnite Shark

You can also ride them if you have a fishing rod and manage to attach it to the shark.

Here’s a list of all the other changes and additions to the game as well as the bug fixes thanks to Reddit user Jeff03blue:

  1. “FNCS will be Solo in Season 3, while Cash Cups return in Trios format. This means arena will be both Solo and Trios, and in Season 4 FNCS will be Trios, so get ready!”
  2. Hit indicators no longer show the wrong direction.
  3. There is a new battle pass and battle pass tab with many new things such as a customizable glider.
  4. The lobby and achievements screen got updated.
  5. All new/returning items: Charge Shotgun (Common to Legendary), Ocean’s Burst Assault Rifle, Jules’ Glider Gun, Jules’ Charge Shotgun, Kit’s Shockwave Launcher, Hunting Rifle (Rare to Legendary), Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, Chug Jugs (Regenerates), Chug Splashes, Stink Bombs, Compact SMG, and the Grappler.
  6. Campfires can now burn you if you stand on them.
  7. Harvesting weak points will lose your Henchman disguise.
  8. Headshot damage for Assault Rifles was adjusted.
  9. There were adjustments made to the Tactical Shotgun.
  10. The Burst Assault Rifle has less bloom, fires in 2 round bursts, and you can hold the trigger.
  11. The pump shotgun, and season 2 mythic items have been vaulted.
  12. You can now carry around foraged consumables (Example: Mushrooms).
  13. You will be able to drive multiple types of cars as the water drains.
  14. There are new marauders that attack, like the henchmen.
  15. Sharks are dangerous, but you can ride one by attaching to them by using a fishing rod.
  16. The emote wheel got a UI update in game and in the lobby. You also have to hold down the down arrow on the d-pad for controller input.
  17. The map got a UI overhaul.
  18. You can slidegrade the Bold Action Sniper and the Hunting Rifle.
  19. Unobtainable styles no longer show.
  20. Whirlpool can be found across the map and launch you in the air with glider redeploy.
  21. The Grappler shoots farther now.
  22. According to some leakers, AIM assist on PC was nerfed.
  23. There are now Visualized Sound Effects for when a enemy is healing near you.


  1. iOS/iPadOS players are now required to be running iOS/iPadOS version 13.2 or later.
  2. The iOS/iPadOS swipe up to go home feature once again take two swipes instead of one to close the app.
  3. New Landmark test no longer appear multiple times when entering new locations.
  4. Shadows no longer be darker than expected.
  5. The Party Hub and App logo got new images.
  6. The report option “Game” was added.
  7. The health bar is now shorter.
  8. The in lobby emote wheel UI now changes between controller and touch or touch and controller after leaving a match using the opposite input.
  9. There is no longer a black spot on the Items Acquired screen.



Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue, on the XL Mountain Island, where a pine tree was floating above the terrain
  2. Fixed an issue where islands using the matchmaking portals were underwater
  3. Fixed an issue where My Island settings were missing
  4. Fixed an issue where player names and location setting was not functioning


Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where players could respawn in games that do not allow respawning while in game.
  2. Fixed an issue where overlapping sequencers set to infinite loop and activate on game start prevented games from loading correctly.
  3. Fixed an issue where water texture failed to appear around the island on mobile.
  4. Fixed an issue where crash occur when players try to get into a featured island match using a matchmaking portal.


Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where Stink Bombs would show a golden orb when thrown by players using the Midas outfit.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Cozy Campfire would leave an invisible collision when a player leaves and rejoins the same island.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where cancelling an object placement using the phone tool could break cut functionalities with the phone.
  2. Fixed an issue where the Pressure Plant Station was displaying outside of the boundary line preview.


  1. There were new galleries added.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where some of the Jungle Temple walls were showing up with a gray material.
  2. Fixed an issue where Craggy Cliffs prefabs and galleries were not fully loading.
  3. Fixed an issue where the grass floor pieces were appearing as pink or purple.

UI + SOCIAL​​​​​Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue where the Giant Robot Prefab and Gallery icons were not showing the correct image.
  2. On mobile, the HUD Info Types: Creature Elimination, Score, and Objectives now show when they are supposed to.

Save the World

  • Friendly reminder that Dungeons and the Blockbuster Event has been extended until June 30! Complete the quest, grab the Heroes, and wrap up your Dungeon checklist before they depart.
  • Adventure Tickets are being converted to Spy Llamas in tandem with the new season of Fortnite on June 17. Homebase will do a final conversion of any remaining Adventure Tickets to Pirate Llamas at the end of the Blockbuster event, scheduled for June 30. If you want Pirate Llamas instead of Spy Llamas, spend your tickets now!
  • Deliver a hefty smash with the Walloper! Massive Flintlock hammer that delivers a devastating heavy leap attack to the Husks. Available from the event store starting June 19 at 8pm ET.

“Make ’em see stars.” – Star-Spangled Headhunter Available from the event store starting June 26 at 8pm ET.

  • Standard Perk: Spoils of War
    • War Cry grants 25% chance for each shot to cost no ammo.
  • Commander Perk: Spoils of War+
    • War Cry grants 50% chance for each shot to cost no ammo.
  • Ammo will no longer be consumed when a weapon is dropped and picked up on PS4 and Xbox.

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