Fortnite patch notes v10.30: what is new in the latest update?

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Epic Games have just released Fornite’s new version 10.30 patch and it brings significant changes, including one particular aspect which is delighting fans…

After weeks of complaints the B.R.U.T.E mech has currently been disabled, which will be music to the ears of players who have been vocal in their dislike for it.

But what else is new in the Fortnite patch update v10.30?

Battle Royale

Limited time-modes


Knockdown is a solo-only game mode where respawning is enabled. In this mode, you use your grappler to jump around the map and dodge shots, as one single hit from the Flint-Knock pistol will eliminate you. Zoom past your enemies in style and land that perfect shot, as the player with the highest eliminations wins.

Weapons and items

The Burst SMG has sadly been sealed away and vaulted, but the Tactical SMG is now available to loot.


Moistly Plains

Prop form is a new addition, where being crouched down in the Rift Zone will turn you into a prop; however, you can still take damage while disguised. You can get yourself out of being a prop just by using primary fire.

Greasy Grove

Spicy Tacos will rain down from the sky; the smell is so alluring that it forces you to immediately start dancing. While dancing, you will regenerate 20 health points per second and are invulnerable to enemy fire, but that invincibility does not count towards the approaching storm. If you manage to acquire one of the tasty tacos, you will regain some health and have increased movement speed (40% for 20 seconds).

Other changes include general bug fixes for sound, user interface, replays, performance and mobile. Full patch notes can be found here.

Creative Mode

A few new items are made available in this mode. You can get a new hero’s mansion or a villain’s lair, a vending machine, and lastly class devices which allow you to create your own classes with unique traits.


New options have been added to My Island settings, as well as a Default Class Identifier which sets the default class assigned to all players at the start of a new round.

Weapons and items

The Legendary Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle is now added to the creative inventory, as well as the Rare Pistol and the Zapper Trap.

More Creative detailed changes can be found here.

Save the World

Help Penny make her way to the radio station, but be prepared to be on the edge of your seat because things might get a little bit weird. It is time to hit the road with this new weekly quest.

Field Agent Rio returns, so get ready to load up your Phase Cannons and blast those Hulks into oblivion as Rio returns to the Event Store.


Main bug fixes

Structures no longer remain bright yellow when destroyed and Epic have resolved an issue which caused Xbox One players to frequently receive an error message and which forcefully booted them back to the dashboard when trying to launch the game.

The full patch for the entirety of v10.30 can be found here.

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