Fortnite patch notes 12.61: Mini-map and new cosmetics set to arrive

Fortnite update 12.61 server downtime has finally ended across PC and gaming consoles, meaning that players can drop back onto the field. The latest Fortnite update is believed to be the last update for the game’s ongoing season. The update is available at 1.4 GB for Play Station 4 and a sizeable 3.88 GB for Xbox One users.

The latest patch lays the foundation for the upcoming end of season event. And while there are no major map changes right now, you can expect some big alterations once the event is live over the weekend. 

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Fortnite update 12.61 patch notes

Epic Games has stopped releasing official, complete patch notes; however, here’s everything available so far:

1. Numbers not changing on sports-themed Outfits

  • The change wouldn’t apply when changing the number on a sports-themed outfit.

2. Unable to refund the Dragacorn Glider

  • Owners of the Dragacorn Glider have been experiencing issues with the refund as there was no option to refund it after its animation changed in v12.60. Developers have been working to fix the issue.

3. Hit Indicators displaying the wrong direction

  • Hit and Damage indicators would appear from the wrong direction in some cases rather than appearing from the damage source.

4. iOS players hitching at a high rate

  • Developers have been investigating an issue on iOS devices where players would hitch at a high rate. This would lead to constant crashes.

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Fortnite Save the World bugs and fixes

1. Ammo would be consumed if a weapon was dropped and picked up.

  • Dropping or spawning a weapon and picking it up would lead to loss of ammo. The Fortnite update version 12.60 had fixed the issue across Xbox One, PC, and Mac platforms. For PlayStation 4. the issue was expected to receive a fix with a future game update.

2. Party Assist for Missions temporarily unavailable

  • Developers have been working on the updated Party Assist, however, it won’t be available until the next season of Fortnite. An update will be given once the Party Assist is available again for users. There will also be updates on all the changes introduced.

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3. Replays won’t save

  • A number of players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles may not be able to view any recorded replays when it is displayed in the Career tab.

4. Split Screen – Fortnite freezing after leaving a party on Xbox One

  • Selecting the ‘Leave Party’ option while in a Split Screen party may cause the game to freeze for Xbox One users.

5. Matchmaking won’t work on Splitscreen after trying to join Creative

  • A number of users may not be able to matchmake while in a Splitscreen session if a player would try to join another user in the Creative server.

New Cosmetics coming to Fortnite

The leak shows the new cosmetics that will be available with the new Fortnite update.

Fortnite new Minimap

The leak also hints at a new minimap that will be available with the new update, however, it doesn’t provide any significant details.


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