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Epic Games has released a bit of new content for players ahead of its massive 17.20 overhaul.

Epic Games has released a bit of new content for players ahead of its massive 17.20 overhaul. / Epic Games

Epic Games has released a bit of new content for players ahead of its massive v17.20 overhaul.

It’s no secret that developers have some—dare we say—epic plans for Fortnite. Since some of the contents of Update v17.20 leaked, fans have been eager to get their hands on everything from bug fixes to the exclusive Lebron James Icon Series skins. Unfortunately, they’ll have to hang on just a bit longer—but Epic has no intention of leaving them starving for things to do.

Here’s everything heading to Fortnite in v17.10.

News recovered from Hot Saucers mailing list suggests that aliens are bringing more and more of their technology to Fortnite Island.

“Not even the Aliens are immune to homesickness. They’ve brought an aspect of their own home to the Island: their physics. And surprisingly, this memento has changed how crafting works even more,” wrote Mari.

Alien Nanites

A new item has dropped on the island: Alien Nanites. These cubes have the ability to recreate the atmosphere of their home planet—including its gravity. Once thrown, they create a mini-biome that players can exit and enter at will. They can be a bit difficult to navigate, but they do negate fall damage when jumping from a high place.

“It’s as thick as gelatin (their planet’s probably super humid), so you’ll practically start swimming when you jump.” The file read.

Alien Nanites can also be used in crafting. Combining a nanite with a submachine gun, assault rifle, or sniper rifle of Rare-quality or higher will turn that weapon into a Kymera Ray Gun, Pulse Rifle, or Rail Gun, respectively.

Players can find Alien Nanites inside the Mothership, on top of Abductors, or scattered along the ground.

Choppy and Zyg

An alien known as Choppy and his robot companion, Zyg, have been spotted planting what appears to be Alien Parasites around the southernmost parts of Fortnite Island. Loopers who successfully intervene can pick up Choppy’s unique Ray Gun—a stronger version of the standard Kymera model.

Holly Hedges Takeover

Aliens are making themselves right at home in Holly Hedges. IO reports indicate that the entire area is starting to look just like their home planet with extraterrestrial flora and biomes covering almost every inch. The organization encouraged any interested parties to investigate for themselves. Who knows? There could be a bit of important tech to be found.

This patch is currently live at the time of writing.

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