Fortnite Offers Terminator Skin Refund After Premium Emote Controversy

Fortnite is offering free refunds for the T-800 Terminator skin after players thought the skin came with the Cyberdyne Salute crossover emote.

Free refunds are being offered for Fortnite‘s Terminator T-800 crossover skin due to some players thinking the premium Cyberdyne Salute emote was built-in to the skin. Instead, players were required to purchase the emote separately much like Fortnite’s other purchasable crossover skins from this season.

After the release of Predator, Fortnite began to tease the arrival of Terminator-themed skins through in-game portals and audio logs. On January 21st, Sarah Connor and T-800 arrived in the game’s item shop along with two pickaxes, two back bling, and an emote. The Cyberdyne Salute emote was believed by many to be a built-in emote that came with the T-800 skin due to the blog posted on the official Epic Games website.

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The original blog post had stated that the Cyberdyne Salute was a built-in emote for the T-800 skin. However, the blog has since been updated to reflect that the Terminator-themed emote is not built-in and actually requires a separate purchase (or can be purchased as part of a bundle). Epic Games states in the blog, “If you are no longer satisfied with your purchase, you will be able to make a refund using the in-game flow (no refund token required).” The refund should be arriving sometime next week, and players will be alerted when the refund is available via an in-game notification.

While the blog post did state that the emote was built-in, it would have been the first purchasable crossover skin this season to come with a free emote. Both Master Chief and Kratos featured their own crossover emotes, but both had to be purchased from the item shop separate from the skin. These emotes can also be used with any skin making them of greater use than if they were built in to their respective skins. Some players may be disappointed that the emote isn’t free, but realistically it shouldn’t be a cause for too many players to request refunds for the T-800 skin.

Regardless, there are plenty of people who will be upset enough to request a refund despite how cool Fortnite‘s T-800 skin is. So what if the robot doesn’t come with a flaming thumbs-up emote, he’s a killer robot! And if a player did end up purchasing the emote as well as the skin, now any of their characters can perform the Cyberdyne Salute.

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Source: Epic Games

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