Fortnite Offering 3 Free Months of Spotify Premium with Fortnite Crew Subscription

Fortnite is beefing up its monthly subscription service, Fortnite Crew, by offering players 3 free months of Spotify Premium.

Fortnite is attempting to beef up its Fortnite Crew subscription service by offering subscribers some extra perks. Starting next week, players who subscribe to Fortnite Crew will be given three full months of Spotify Premium for free.

Originally introduced at the start of Season 5, Fortnite Crew is a paid monthly subscription service, offering exclusive sets of cosmetics and the current season’s Battle Pass. Additionally, the $12 a month service gives players 1,000 V-Bucks to spend on other cosmetics in the game’s item shop.

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While Fortnite Crew has yet to reach six months of age, fans have expressed relatively low interest in the monthly subscription service. In an effort to entice Fortnite players into pulling out their wallets, developer Epic Games has partnered – somewhat unexpectedly – with Spotify.

With Spotify Premium, players will get access to the music streaming platform’s millions of songs and podcasts, with some additional benefits. Spotify Premium members can not only play specific songs directly, as opposed to the free version’s mandated shuffle, but can also listen ad-free with unlimited skips and download songs onto their device. The only catch is that, in order to get the free three months, Fortnite Crew subscribers can’t have had Spotify Premium before.

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The addition of Spotify Premium to Fortnite Crew validates the rumors of more perks coming to the monthly subscription. Epic Games distributed a few weeks ago, designed to gauge players’ interest in possible upcoming features of Fortnite Crew. Many of these potential features included bundles, coupons, and other benefits players could potentially see come to the service. In another section of the survey, Epic Games mentioned bundles with other subscriptions, such as streaming services, monthly coupons or offers in the Epic Games Store, and even in-game currency and/or cosmetics for entirely different games, among other offers.

Spotify seems to be trying to get more involved in the gaming industry. Last week, Microsoft sent out a cryptic tweet tagging Spotify, McDonald’s, and Xbox, leading many fans to believe that a Xbox, Spotify, and McDonald’s collaboration could be coming. While none of the involved parties have officially divulged any information about the potential partnership, The Xbox Twitter responded with, “Seems like the right crew for a road trip.” Road trips usually include snacks and good music, and given Xbox’s rollout of xCloud gaming, the stage is set for an interesting joint effort.

The addition of three free months of Spotify Premium is sure to attract at least some new subscribers to Fortnite Crew. However, those who have had Spotify Premium at any point are ineligible, likely leading to many players missing out. Fortunately, it isn’t the only form of supplemental content for the game. Epic Games just revealed details on its ambitious Batman Zero Point crossover comic, which is set to release its first issue next week.

Fortnite is free-to-play for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Epic Games

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