Fortnite New Years 2021 Event Leaked In Datamine

A Fortnite datamine has revealed the popular battle royale’s New Years event, featuring a large rift in the sky surrounded by festive fireworks.

Fornite has found a way to celebrate the New Year, at least according to a new video leak that’s been surfacing on the internet. Fornite has been having themed events for years that have been catered to celebrate holidays, and it seems the new one to ring in 2021 is closing in right now.

The popular battle royale has been going strong for three years now since its debut in 2017. After the debut of the popular season method that they have now been using for some time, the game has been able to keep players and users entertained with new maps, skins, and weapons as the years have gone by. Recently they’ve even launched a new subscription service that gives away even more exclusive skins to players if they are willing to sign up for it. Events have also been a strong pull for players, who often like to participate in the weekly challenges that give new rewards, weapons, and other prizes.

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However, it seems that a big part of the New Year’s event has been revealed due to leaker InTheShade on Twitter. If the leaker is to be trusted and everything goes as planned, players will have the chance to play along a large rift that appears in the sky, as fireworks explode all around. Fireworks do seem like an appropriate option to ring in the New Year, so it was only a matter of time before Fortnite tried to incorporate them into its own game. However, based on this leak, many fans think that there will be less interactivity in this event than there has been in similar holiday events and more of a spectacle to watch.

That’s not to say that is a bad thing; the fireworks do add a lot of color to Fortnite‘s sky, and that rift is certainly impressive. It’s sure to be an interesting take on the New Year’s event. Dataminers themselves have been working hard lately, as they just recently leaked out a new Gnome gun that shoots the Gnome’s out of the barrel – along with explosive trolls. So it’s not like Fortnite isn’t working to keep its users entertained.

There are multiple other new items and events that will be happening simultaneously as the New Year’s event goes live, such as the dropping of a new Green Arrow skin as well as the continuation of season five. But while Fortnite users are off trying to achieve all of the events that they can, fireworks will light up the sky while doing so – at least during the New Year.

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