Fortnite: New Items In the Game Turn Out to Be Pay to Win

Despite being a free-to-play game, Fortnite has made quite a fortune in the past three years. Via in-game transactions, it offers a plethora of items to its players that are exclusive and have better designs. Sometimes, these items also have enhanced statistics or certain attributes that give an unfair advantage to the players who buy them. Hence, they are called pay to win items.

The developers have recently added such a pickaxe in the game. Popular content creator SypherPK feels that it is a pay to win item and talked about it in a recent video:

The Bash Burner Fortnite pickaxe is a pay to win item

The developers recently added the Bash Burner pickaxe in Fortnite. SypherPK discovered that it is faster than any other pickaxe in the game. Its speed reduces back to normal on continuous swinging, but players can certainly gain a biased advantage if they use it for short bursts of swings.

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On the other side, the latest Hulk Smashers pickaxe is the worst pickaxe in the game. Statistically, it has the slowest pull-out and swing speed. Hence, SypherPK hilariously termed it as a ‘pay-to-lose’ item. However, a lot of Hulk’s fans might prefer the pickaxe’s look over its performance.

Epic Games has a history of introducing overpowered pay to win items

This is not the first instance that the developers have rolled out pay to win items in the game. Back in July 2019, Fortnite had introduced the Star Wand pickaxe that dealt 56 damage and increased mobility. As a result, a lot of players started using it to gain an unfair advantage. To make things worse, the pickaxe was being used in competitive games too. However, the chaos didn’t last long as Epic Games nerfed it a few days later.

Apart from pickaxes, a lot of character skins have also helped players gain the upper hand, and the Toy Soldier skins are a perfect example of that. All the skins under the Toy Soldier banner were completely green, and a lot of players started misusing them to hide in the grass. The developers soon realized their blunder and proceeded to alter the skins and offered a refund to everyone who had bought them.

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The new Bash Burner pickaxe is undoubtedly a pay to win item. However, a lot of content creators have discovered it, and the developers will rectify their mistake as soon as it comes to their attention. Therefore, players should refrain from buying it, hoping to get a statistical advantage over others.

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