‘Fortnite’ Moves Past Master Chief Leak With Surprise ‘Walking Dead’ Skins

We knew that Fortnite was going to debut a new “hunter” at the Game Awards last night, as they have been a frequent friend of the show. I was personally hoping for a trade where Jonesy made his way into Smash Bros. and Fortnite got a Samus Aran skin to go with its theme this season.

But alas, the new Smash Bros. hero (well, villain) was Sephiroth, and the new Fortnite skin was Master Chief, still cool, as is the arrival of a Red versus Blue LTM and Blood Glutch recreated in Creative Mode, but it was leaked well before the show, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise.

But what was a surprise? That would be the bookend of a final trailer for two more “hunter” skins coming to the game, Michonne and Daryl from The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead isn’t even airing right now, and Michonne has actually left the series at this point, but AMC wanted to get in on the action all the same with these two iconic heroes who will get to wield two iconic weapons, Michonne’s katana and Daryl’s dual knives. They are scheduled to arrive December 16.

Fortnite’s “hunter” idea is a stand-in for pretty much any badass movie, TV or video game character they can get the rights to this season, and they have pulled in some heavy hitters already. The season opened with The Mandalorian leading the battle pass, and there’s a season-long quest to reassemble his Beskar armor. Then Kratos arrived from Sony. Now Master Chief from Halo. And then Daryl and Michonne from The Walking Dead coming up soon.

And no, they’re not done yet, I’ve been told.

I am sure that Epic is trying to pry something out of Nintendo and again, Samus Aran, the space bounty hunter from Metroid, is the perfect fit for something like this. But I mean, give how the term “hunter” has expanded to mean “anyone who is good at killing a lot of stuff” that is a massive net that could include any number of people. Who’s next? Doomguy? Jaime Lannister? Aloy? Marcus Fenix? Omar from The Wire? They already have John Wick. I have no idea who’s next, but at this point I don’t think anything or anyone can be ruled out. Literally.

Epic’s “Nexus” idea is to create the Metaverse by having a shared space where you can play a game where you’re Iron Man fighting alongside Batman against Rey Skywalker and Daryl Dixon. Sure, it’s about selling digital merchandise, but it’s also about worldbuilding, and there simply is nowhere else on earth all these IPs exist side by side, which is an impressive achievement.

Anyway, I will be picking up all of these, of course. Master Chief is live now and the Walking Dead skins will be here in less than a week.

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