Fortnite might return to its PvE roots someday with ‘Daybreak’ game mode

Many fans of Fortnite today may not remember it. However, before it became the top battle royale game, it had an entirely different face. Called Fortnite: Save the World, the game used to be a PvE paid version of Fortnite. However, as the popularity of battle royale games surged, Fortnite shifted its focus to its multiplayer game. Since then, it became clear that Epic Games would benefit more if they focused on the battle royale aspect of the game. They haven’t looked back ever since. Or have they?

Fortnite Daybreak Game Mode may become Save the World’s successor

According to court files made public during the Apple vs. Epic court saga, and as first reported by Euro Gamer, PvE seems to be in the books. While an official announcement or teaser has not been made public yet, it looks like Epic works on one. The leaked files referred to a game mode called ‘Daybreak’, which apparently contains PvE elements. It appears to take place in a different map as the Battle Royale island and involves hunting monsters and crafting items. The objective of the game has players escaping the island by repairing a run-down helicopter.

Various leaks from community leakers have teased about this new game mode for a while now. HypeX speculates that the game mode will be an open-world sandbox, which makes the game mode extra exciting. He even revealed a possible reward for completing the game mode: the ‘Escapist’ Umbrella. Wherever this new Fortnite game mode will arrive, it seems like it’s coming out during the current Season.

With the amount of money that Fortnite rakes in for Epic Games, it’s not surprising to see this. Apart from prolonging the game’s longevity, it also keeps the game fresh. It’s no wonder that Epic spends a lot of its resources developing Fortnite.

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