Fortnite Might Introduce Predator Skin, ‘Reload V-Bucks’, and New Exotic Weapons with Upcoming Update

Agent Jones has been assembling a team of bounty hunters in Chapter 2, Season 5 of Fortnite. Big names like Kratos and Master Chief have already arrived on the island, and it is no surprise that this list will keep on getting better.

Fans around the world have been eagerly waiting for an update, as the developers haven’t rolled out new content for a long time. From the looks of it, their festive break is finally over and Fortnite is all set to introduce new skins and weapons soon.

YouTuber Ali-A talked about the upcoming Fortnite update in a recent video:

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New Skins and Weapons coming to Fortnite

From Lexa and Mancake to the Mandalorian and Kondor, the current Fortnite season comprises a plethora of bounty hunters. As per fan theories, Predator will be the next hunter to arrive on the island. The character first appeared in the 1987 American sci-fi film, Predator, as an extraterrestrial species that practiced trophy hunting of other species as a sport.

Alongside Predator, a new SMG weapon might arrive in Fortnite with the upcoming update. One of the bounty hunters, Reese, is holding an unusual weapon which is clearly visible on the game’s loading screen. Apparently, this is a hand-held compact SMG that hits the enemies with a freezing effect.

Last, but not least, some suggest that Fortnite could soon launch a gun that launches gnomes, and a Bazooka. Considering the franchise’s long history of developing unusual weapons, these new weapons do not seem like a far-off possibility.

Epic Games to introduce ‘Reload V-bucks’ worldwide?

Fortnite offers V-bucks to players in specific quantities through V-buck bundles of 1000, 2800, 5000, and 13,500. However, players in some regions of the world can buy the exact amount of V-bucks as per their need. The first region to introduce this feature named Reload V-bucks was Italy, followed by Germany in December 2020.

It is certainly a great feature that helps players to avoid overspending. Owing to the recent developments, it is safe to assume that Epic Games could soon launch Reload V-bucks globally.

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The developers have already revealed that they have cosmic plans for Fortnite in 2021, and the upcoming update might be the first step in the right direction.

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