Fortnite might get a female Midas skin according to data miners

Data miners have discovered that a new Midas model has been added to the game. The character model or NPC was added yesterday, under the name “Catburglar.” A renowned Fortnite data miner discovered that the new NPC model is already present in the game files.

Known as ShiinaBR on Twitter, he stated that an unfinished Midas NPC was added to the game files with yesterday’s update, 15.40. The update has also added other various things to the game and returned the flint knock pistol to the game.

While it may sound weird or ridiculous to some, it wouldn’t be strange to expand Midas’ heritage in a new way, as Epic Games is known for twisting stories in the best possible way, especially throughout live events. If a female Midas character is about to be added to the game, then it’s most probably going to happen somewhere before the end of Season 5.

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