Fortnite May Have Added a Once Removed Controversial OP Gun


The ZAPOTRON as it was revealed back in 2017

The ZAPOTRON as it was revealed back in 2017 / Epic Games

One of the biggest Fortnite leakers, @HYPEX tweeted some game files they dug up on a gun titled “Bad News” in the data mined game files.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 7 has brought along a host of new content, and the HYPEX leak is something just about no one was considering.

The related text to the “Bad News” gun sounds a lot like the infamous Zapotron, a legendary sniper rifle was added in 2017, being swiftly removed for being game-breaking levels of overpowered.

The codename “Bad News” could be just that, or be a specific name for a new weapon. Additionally, just because the files are in the game and have been data mined, does not mean it’s a sure thing the “Bad News” gun will be implemented into the live servers for Fortnite.

Seeing how the Zapotron really ruined pretty much every game during its inclusion period, its unlikely Epic will implement the infamous sniper as it was in 2017. Maybe we will see some type of event-inclusion with the gun, so players can relive the Zapotron, just not in a regular match of Fortnite.

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