Fortnite makers to release new Black Widow skin to their Marvel Knockout Super series

Fortnite players have been getting a lot of new stuff to check out in their games. The game is a trending topic because of the new Fortnite skins that are being added to the game. Markers recently introduced an extremely popular Fortnite skin and it seems that the fans can’t wait for it. Read more to know about Black Widow skin. 

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Fortnite Black Widow Skin

The makers have now added a new Black Widow skin to their game. They introduce the skin through a Tweet and a silhouette picture of the Marvel character. Seeing such popular Marvel skin being released in Fortnite is not surprising at all. The makers have even released some characters skins like Ghost Rider and Daredevil skins to the game. Thus seeing a Black Widow skin in Fortnite is not surprising at all. In fact, the players are not shocked but extremely happy that this skin is soon going to be available to play. Apart from this, makers are also making a lot of changes to their game. 

They are bringing back the Original Pickaxe from Season 1 on Fortnite. All the players need to do is log into their Fortnite application to get the new Fortnite default pickaxe. These Fortnite OG pickaxes have certainly been the trending topic amongst the gaming community. A number of players have been talking about it too. Thus it is a must to get your hands on this new Fortnite default pickaxe. This feature is going to be live from  November 4th till January 15th, 2021.

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More about Fortnite

Fortnite’s latest collaboration with Marvel Studios has certainly gained a lot of attention on social media. The players have now been asking a lot of questions about the new Marvel characters being introduced to the game. The makers not only added the characters but also some challenges related to the superheroes. Currently, the players have been talking about some of the new challenges that have been introduced to the game. Just like Deadpool and Aquaman skins were introduced, makers are now going to release the Black Widow challenges every week. 

The players need to complete all these weekly challenges in order to get the character’s skin in Fortnite.  Fortnite’s Halloween event, Fortnitenitemares had taken over the gaming community with some of the new changes that were made to the game. Their Halloween Fortnite update brought in a number of different Fortnite skins, weapons, perks and other items related to the festive theme. This was released with their Fortnite 14.40 update ut currently, the makers have removed this model from the game.

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