Fortnite loot that players wish they got every time they open a chest

Opening chests in Fortnite is a luck-based endeavor. Unless it’s a special chest that’s themed (like the bunker chests or cosmic chests), the loot is completely random. Each chest can have a Legendary pump shotgun or a Common assault rifle. What the players get is entirely randomized by the game. Naturally, there are things players would rather avoid. That common assault rifle, the common submachine gun, the uncommon burst assault rifle and all would fall into that category.

With that being said, some chest drops are really good. The Legendary pump shotgun, the Epic assault rifle or the Rare tactical shotgun might be some of the more desirable drops. Here are the five things Fortnite players wish came out of every chest.

Best loot in Fortnite

4) Rail Gun

The Rail Gun, a new addition in the fight against alien visitors, might be the best sniper rifle-type gun Fortnite has had. The ability to shoot through objects and deal such high damage is hard to pass up. The infrared vision and the charged nature of shooting make it a powerful weapon to have. There have been other “snipers” throughout the game’s history, but this one might be the best of all of them.

Rail Gun. Image via PiunikaWeb
Rail Gun. Image via PiunikaWeb

3) Rapid Fire SMG

The Rapid Fire SMG is one of the best weapons in the game. Having that high of a firing rate makes it highly desirable. This is the best weapon for mowing down walls with players trapped inside and for getting a lot of shots off quickly in close combat. It deals low damage per shot, but the firing rate more than makes up for that.

Rapid Fire SMG. Image via Fortnite Wiki
Rapid Fire SMG. Image via Fortnite Wiki

2) The Scar

The change from the Common, Uncommon and Rare assault rifles to the Epic and Legendary variations is a pretty big one. The Scar is one of the best guns in the game, and while assault rifles are probably not the “best” guns in the game, they’re extremely necessary and these are the best. Starting out a match with a Scar definitely bodes well for the rest of the match.

The Scar. Image via Sportskeeda
The Scar. Image via Sportskeeda

1) Shotgun

Deciding between the pump and tactical shotguns is a tossup and will vary from player to player, but one thing’s for sure: shotguns are probably the most necessary gun to have in Fortnite, so having a good one is of the utmost importance.

The pump shotgun is one of the best weapons in Fortnite. Its ability to deal loads of damage in a single shot more than outweighs the down time before being able to shoot again. However, the tactical’s more “rapid-fire” pace allows for errors in aiming and can deal a lot of damage with quicker shots in succession. Players tend to like the high damage from the pump more, making it the most desirable loot drop.

Which of these is the most desirable Fortnite loot drop?

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