Fortnite LeBron James skins feature a floating crown, Space Jam, and tacos

Fortnite LeBron James skins are going live this week, and you’ll have your choice of two main outfits with their own variations: one for your day-to-day LeBron-ing around the island, and one for when you need to go full King James.

Epic Games revealed the new outfits and matching accessories in a post to Fortnite’s official blog: there’s Tune Squad LeBron, which features his team uniform from Space Jam: A New Legacy, and then there’s the minimally named LeBron James outfit – which is anything but minimally styled. It includes a suit coat accented with metallic ornaments and a levitating crown, and an edit slider allows you to control just how gold you want the outfit to look. Tune Squad LeBron also sports a casual Taco Tuesday variation if you want to look a little more approachable (however you may personally feel about the Lakers, it’s tough to not get excited for tacos).

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