Fortnite: Leaks Suggest New Midas Flopper In Season 4

The predictions for Season 4 of Fortnite have rained in without any filter. Several fans, experts, and data miners have weighed in their opinions. Recently, Hypex tweeted saying Season 4 ‘might’ feature elements from the Marvel universe. Moreover, he recently revealed another bit of interesting information, this time regarding floppers in Season 4. 

Multiple leaks and reports suggest Season 4 will feature various new kinds of floppers in the game, with specific usage. Their utility will thus become a top priority in the next season.

Hypex tweeted out today that a certain new ‘Midas Flopper’ will turn your entire inventory to Legendary rarity.

A video posted by @StonewallTabor also suggested season4 will feature a Midas Flopper. 

Fortnite to have a new Midas Flopper

It definitely won’t an easy catch, that is for sure. To fish out this Midas flopper, one will have to acquire a different kind of fishing rod too. 

“But, there is one fish that data miners did not talk about….it involves the Midas fish,” said Tabor Hill

The pro fishing rod is going to be part of this catch. Without it, one wouldn’t stand a chance of catching this flopper.

The Last Laugh bundle also revealed that Midas is still very much alive. So was it an outcome of being eaten by a shark?

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New fishing system and upgraded fishing rods

According to Tabor Hill, the revamped fishing system will be quite specific and targeted. Catching a certain type of fish will require a specific fishing rod. Now, the Midas fish will be super rare. As you can imagine, you won’t get the Midas Flopper just sitting in a lobby.

However, this points to the fact that Fortnite is encouraging players to play floppers. We’ve seen some creative victories with them. Players don’t necessarily need to take a fight if they can play it smart with floppers. Even outside the storm, they can give you a considerable chunk of health.

What are your views about the new fishing system coming to Season 4?

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