Fortnite Leaks Reveal New NPCs, Exotic Weapons, and Vehicle Attachments Coming in Chapter 2 Season 6

Epic Games recently released Chapter 2 Season 6 of Fortnite, and a ton of new content arrived with it. This includes significant map changes, new POIs, NPCs, weapons, and fresh mechanics related to weapon crafting. While a majority of players seemed surprised by such meta changes, others like data miners had already predicted them weeks ago.

Leaks, rumors, and fan theories are usually based on a deep study of game files. Data miners can effectively identify the upcoming changes in the games, but often fail to assume the exact timing of these changes. Fortnite is no exception, and rumors about the meta changes often come true after weeks and even months of anticipation.

Here are some exciting leaks and rumors about the content we’ll witness during the entirety of Chapter 2 Season 6.

Drift Boards returning to Fortnite

It won’t be an overstatement that Drift Boards have been one of the most enjoyable vehicles in Fortnite’s history. Back in Chapter 1 Season 7, millions of players and content creators spent hours while trick shotting their opponents. From the looks of it, Drift Boards will now return to Fortnite with some major upgrades related to their textures and working.

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Epic Games will also introduce some car changes and vehicle attachments in Chapter 2 Season 6. Bunker chests will spawn around the map, and will contain extremely good loot alongside off-road tire sets. Another vehicle attachment that might be under works is a mounted turret through which players will be able to shoot each other while driving.

Four new Exotic weapons coming in Chapter 2 Season 6

It is obvious that the future updates in Fortnite will revolve around new NPCs and Exotic weapons. As per data miners, a NPC named SparkPlug will be the next non-playable character on the island. However, the release date and the spawn location of the same are still unknown.

Furthermore, NPCs like Lara Croft, Dead Fire, Rebirth Raven, and Raptor will provide Exotic weapons this season. These weapons comprise a Grappler Bow, a Marksman Revolver, an Unstable Bow, and a Flare Gun, respectively.

Prominent YouTube channel Top5Gaming talked about the upcoming NPCs and Exotic weapons in a recent video:

The current season is based on pre-historic life owing to which the island currently has wolves, boars, and chickens. The next pre-historic species to make this list will be actual Raptor dinosaurs. Interestingly, these beasts will be tamable and will spawn in the Forest POI.

Fortnite feels like a completely different game since the arrival of Chapter 2 Season 6. Luckily, this is just the beginning, and the community still has a lot of exciting meta changes to look forward to.

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