‘Fortnite’ Leaks Reveal An Imminent Alien Invasion For Season 7

Players have been predicting a potential alien invasion in the world of Fortnite for years now, and finally, they’re about to be right.

As of this latest Fortnite patch, it’s clear that such an invasion is coming, and is already starting to be teased ahead of perhaps some large live event at the end of season 6, leading into season 7.

  • For starters, what we’re going to see play out on the map starting now is the fact that the crops in Colossal Crops have been removed, and when they grow back, there are supposed to be crop circles carved into them.

  • There is going to be a weird message shown on the TVs around the map that may give a peek at what the aliens look like (perhaps not like the leaked skin above):
  • There is this sign which will appear on the map called “Not Alone” which appears to show harmony between humans and aliens.
  • There’s a multi-step quest where we will investigate the UFO mystery, along with an in-game countdown to…some sort of event. There are a lot of NPC voice lines relating to this “Foreshadowing” quest, as it’s called.
  • There will be an actual UFO on the map that will “abduct” players, give them full health and shields, and transport them to a different section of the map. That’s nice of them. The codename for this is “Awful Duck.”

So, it appears at least some of this is going down well ahead of season 7 of Fortnite as a tease for the full-on arrival of aliens. Fortnite has mostly been going down this interdimensional rabbit hole with the Zero Point, but now it seems that it’s taking a left turn into a straight up alien story. Immediately that makes me wonder what famous IPs it might be grabbing aliens from, and before you say it, they already have both Alien and Predator as skins in the game, so those are covered. Just saying it would be a pretty good time for some Mass Effect skins, given the release of the Legendary Edition.

We’ll see what happens with all this soon enough, but for now keep an eye on those crops. The quest may go live as soon as this Thursday (Update: it’s today, actually), and we’ll have guides for that if so. Stay tuned for first contact.

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