Fortnite Leaks May Hint At Five Nights At Freddy’s Crossover

Fortnite could be crossing over with Five Night At Freddy’s, thanks to alleged leaks which hint that Freddy Fazbear might be joining the game.

If Chapter 2 Season 5 has proven anything it’s that Fortnite’s crossovers know no bounds, and a recent set of leaks hints at a Five Night At Freddy’s event next. This season of Fortnite has seen the addition of many skilled hunters, some already being mechanical in nature, and it may be time for the bloodthirsty animatronic hosts of the FNaF franchise to join this battle royale.

Fortnite is no stranger to crossovers, and the past two seasons have solidified that. Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite was completely Marvel-themed, with an entire Battle Pass made up of licensed superheroes and a storyline that wouldn’t feel out of place in the MCU. Season 5 of Fortnite has also been filled with some of the game’s most outrageous crossovers, most of which push the boundary of what players previously thought possible. From Master Chief, to the Terminator, to G.I. Joe, there’s no telling who or what will be added to Fortnite next.

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However, Fortnite has been giving clues throughout the season as to who could be the game’s next crossover character, and a couple of leaks may be pointing towards Freddy Fazbear as the next “bounty hunter” to join the game. Lucas7yoshi on Twitter posted a series of datamined sound clips for a character that goes by the code name FrenchFry. The clips are the new character’s footsteps, and some fans believe they sound similar to a Five Nights At Freddy’s character. The tweet also outlines how skin codenames work, as the two initials of the codename are the initials of the character, and the FF of FrenchFry could also stand for Freddy Fazbear.

Ximton, another Fortnite leaker on Twitter, posted an image of the game’s newest portal titled “Mainframe.” When opened, these Fortnite portals give players a glimpse into the world where the next character comes from. While the names of portals normally don’t hold much weight, Five Nights at Freddy’s fans have found a way to tie this portal’s name to their favorite franchise. Mainframe is the fan-given name for what controls the animatronic characters in FNaF. The location of the portal has been speculated to be imitating the fourth sub-tunnel in Five Nights At Freddy’s world, which is a small lake surrounded by trees.

As with any fan theories about Fortnite’s next crossover, these may seem a bit far-fetched. If people wants one of their favorite characters in Fortnite bad enough, their brain’s method of pattern recognition can lead to some ridiculous claims. However, if Fortnite Season 5 has proven anything, it’s that anyone can make it into Fortnite. Maybe Freddy Fazbear really is the next hunter to join Agent Jonesy’s team.

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Sources: Lucas7yoshi, Ximton

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