Fortnite leaks a new Tron skin; a new Fortnite and Tron crossover to arrive soon

Fortnite Season 5 is currently the ongoing season and there have been many events since the start of it. Now the players will be able to experience another crossover with a popular Disney movie series which came out back in 2010. The arrival of Tron in Fortnite is the next big thing for season 5. 

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Tron Skin Fortnite Leaks

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Fortnite is known for many major crossovers with big names from every industry like The Mandalorian, The Terminator, Predator, and many others. This time a new leak is suggesting another new crossover with this battle royale and this will give the players a chance to soon receive a lot of brand new content. 

The above-mentioned leak was released from the famous Fortnite data-miner HYPEX. According to this, there is a new Fortnite portal which extends from the Zero Point. The title of this one is ‘Mainframe’ and all the images that it contains gives a hint of the arrival of Tron. A large neon-lit city can be seen in this new portal, and it looks completely similar to the universe of the Tron franchise. Another look at the images shows that there is a Light Cycle on the road, which was the most iconic and loved vehicle of the franchise.

For all those who do not know about TRON, it is a movie series in which the lead character (who is a great hacker) gains entry into the digital world and goes on to participate in battles that are similar to gladiator games. The only way he is able to escape is with the help of a security program in the game known as TRON. The movie also had a sequel known as TRON Legacy in which the protagonist’s son goes inside the virtual world and defeats the overlord by taking the help of a new lifeform known as Quorra. There is a huge chance that TRON and Quorra both will have their own skins in Fortnite as the crossover takes place. Another addition could be the in-game vehicles like the Light Cycles from the movie.

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