Fortnite Leaker Reveals Future Map Changes

Fortnite map changes are a big reason why the video game has become so popular. Epic Games had a plain and simple map at the very beginning of the game, but it looks much different now. Fortunately, it appears this will be the case in the future as well and we might get another new map soon!

Hypex, one of the most popular Fortnite Battle Royale leakers, has recently shared an interesting tweet about future Fortnite map changes. The leaker tweeted that the map might get another no gravity biome, which is something Epic Games has already done in Chapter 1.

The future map changes in Fortnite could be huge

Fortnite Battle Royale players who played during Season X remember what Loot Lake looked like. This central part of the map had gone through numerous changes as it turned out that the Vault was located right under it. Loot Lake was also a key factor in The End event at the end of Chapter 1.

Loot Lake was another no-gravity zone in Fortnite Battle Royale
Loot Lake was another no-gravity zone in Fortnite Battle Royale.

In its final variation, this area had a low gravity zone and a rift in its center. According to Hypex, we might get another such zone in the middle of the map in the current season.

This was a follow-up tweet to another leak in which he claims that a new mobility item is coming to the game as well. This mobility item creates a no gravity area when players use it. Furthermore, it launches players in the air when they keep jumping.

Hypex, as well as other leakers, have also revealed that the Mothership will cover the island at some point. This is the huge UFO that can be seen floating above the map, and it will play a bigger part in the future.

When it comes to the map change, Epic Games has to be careful and not go too far. One of the main complaints players had about the Chapter 1 map was that it was too cluttered at the end of the chapter. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again!

Chapter 2 changes are similar

In Chapter 2, it seems that Epic Games has a similar plan when it comes to the middle. The central area has already gone through many changes in seven seasons so far. At the start, it was just a small island, but it was taken over by the Storm King. Eventually, Midas made it his base and turned it into The Agency. He also used this place for his plan in the Doomsday Device live event.

The center of the island looked simple before huge Fortnite map changes in Chapter 2
The center of the island looked simple before huge Fortnite map changes in Chapter 2.

In Season 3, the middle was Jules’ domain as she was a boss in what was called The Authority. Later on, this place became The Ruins in Season 4, and Season 5 turned it into Zero Point. More recently, the central area was called The Spire and was also important for another event. And finally, it’s called the Aftermath in Season 7. New season, new name!

The future of the middle area is almost too predictable. We can expect massive changes to it in the next few seasons as well. However, it will be interesting to see if the new map, which will hopefully come in Chapter 3, will also have a significant area in the middle.

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