Fortnite Leak Teases Halo Crossover With Iconic Multiplayer Map

Halo may be the next game franchise to crossover with Epic Games’ uber-popular battle royale Fortnite, and it’s not just bringing Master Chief.

A prominent Fortnite leaker has suggested that the heavily rumored upcoming crossover with Halo will include more than just Master Chief. The latest season of the massively popular battle royale/social space/nexus of popular culture has introduced the “Zero Point,” a bridge to other realities. The various sentiment bananas and burger people that populate Fortnite are using the object to call out across other universes to bring in bounty hunters. Alongside several original characters, the game has used this story justification to introduce the star characters of Disney’s The Mandalorian and Kratos from God of War in recent weeks.

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Thanks to a growing number of leaks, all signs point to Xbox mascot Master Chief being the next inclusion. According to some hidden in-game images, John-117 is ready to go in-game alongside models for the Pelican dropship and a tiny ATV-style Warthog that looks a lot like the Mongoose. These items are seemingly set to drop in the next update and could even be announced and dropped into the game at The Game Awards this week.

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The same leaker who first found the Halo items in Fortnite has now revealed with the themed LTM (or Limited Time Mode) will entail. According to FNBRUnreleased on Twitter, players will be diving into an exact replica of Coagulation, the Blood Gulch equivalent from Halo 2. The map will include a similar vehicle layout to the Xbox original, just with golf carts replacing the Ghosts. There might be an in-game Warthog skin for a Fortnite vehicle, although the leak doesn’t seem definite on that point. Rumors also point to a classic game of Capture the Flag for the mode, but there’s no sign of an in-game Banshee or Scorpion.

Halo mode hitting Fortnite will be a nice gesture towards Halo fans who just discovered that Halo Infinite won’t be hitting the Xbox Series X until Fall 2021. The game was supposed to be a launch title for the recently released console, but a poor first gameplay demonstration convinced Microsoft to give developer 343 Industries more time to work on the game. After bringing in legendary Bungie alumnus Joseph Staten, the game was pushed a year ahead of its original date. Fans are hopeful that there will be big improvements to what was shown this year and possible reconsideration of some of the more money-grubbing aspects of the game’s armor coating system.

One wonders how many Fortnite diehards will have a deep love for the Halo franchise. Younger generations have not seen the best the series has to offer, with 343 Industries’ releases featuring poorly considered gameplay changes. It’s entirely possible that this will be the first exposure of Master Chief to many younger gamers. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why Master Chief was chosen as the Xbox representative in the game opposite Kratos. If the rumors bore out completely and Samus also joins the team to represent each of the three console makers, there’s no Spartan better to represent the Xbox on the dawn of a better path forward for the platform.

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Source: FNBRUnreleased/Twitter

twitch teases fortnite among us drops game awards

Twitch Teases Fortnite & Among Us Rewards For Watching The Game Awards

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