Fortnite Leak Suggests Zero Point Event Will Affect Voice Chat

Fortnite’s heading towards some sort of season-ending event just like we’ve seen in the seasons prior, and thanks to some information datamined from the game’s files after the latest update, we’ve got some more details on what might happen regarding the Zero Point. It appears as though the ominous orb that’s been looming over the map throughout Season 5 will continue to destabilize as the end of the season comes closer. Through one of the more interesting leaks, it was suggested that the Zero Point will actually have an affect on in-game voice chat.

Fortnite dataminer Mang0e_ shared news of the latest discoveries from the game’s files on Tuesday to hint at what might happen in the future. According to a couple of lines in the game’s files, the Zero Point will apparently add “Phaser” and “Chorus” audio effects to players’ in-game voice chat, though the circumstances regarding when this will happen and what will trigger it are still unclear.

Elsewhere in the Fortnite dataminer’s findings, it was discovered that the Zero Point would send out pulses called “Reality Waves.” It’s likely that the Zero Point will likely have further changes beyond what’s already been uncovered, and considering how Epic GamesFortnite events are typically drawn out over time before the actual event itself happens during a live event, it’s unclear during which phases of the event’s progression when some of these changes will occur. The Zero Point’s voice-changing effects could be limited to just the event itself, or perhaps they’ll progress more as we get closer towards the inevitable event that’ll help transition the community into a new season.

Since it began, the Zero Point theme of Season 5 has brought about an unprecedented flurry of crossovers in Fortnite with characters from different games, movies, and other mediums transitioning their way into the battle royale game. The most recent example of these crossovers was the introduction of the Ripley and Xenomorph Alien skins. More skins are expected to come to the game before the season concludes, so the community would be advised to keep an eye out for the expected teasers prior to the release of the cosmetics to try and figure out what’s coming.

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