Fortnite Leak Suggests Another New Element Joining Fire

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It may not be as prevalent as it was when Flame Bows were in Fortnite, but fire is still something many players have to deal with on a daily basis.

This element is able to burn through wooden builds, including houses and even ignite grass and trees. If you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time, you’ll even start taking damage.

As it turns out, fire might not be the only element you’ll have to worry about according to a leak. On top of having to be concerned with fire while standing in wood, it seems like there will potentially be a concern about standing on metal in the future.

Make way for electricity.

Electricity Coming to Fortnite?

Outside of the Zap Trap way back when the game released, we haven’t really seen anything electrical in Fortnite in quite some time.

According to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, Epic was or currently is working on some sort of electricity element that would affect metal objects and builds. Currently, there’s not much to share on this, but it would definitely fit into the way Fortnite is played today.

Given how annoying the fire can be, it’d be interesting to see how Epic would balance the electricity if it does come to the game. Another thing to keep an eye on would be how would it even be deployed?

You can throw a Firefly Jar right now to start a fire, but how would electricity spread? The alien guns could zap some things if Epic decided to go down that path, and that does seem like it’d be the best option for the developers.

When Could This Release?

The big question is when could any of this show up in the game, and the answer might be a bit surprisingly. As revealed by Fortnite leaker Mang0e, this has been in the files since v13.00, which is several seasons ago at this point. For whatever reason, there hasn’t been any movement on it and we don’t know about any potential changes that have been made.

What this means is Epic is either still tinkering with the new elements or they have abandoned it. Fire, while annoying, does seem to be a pretty interesting addition to Fortnite.

There was a time where Fortnite used to changed drastically in each update, but those days have come and gone. Now, fans are excited for the smaller changes, but fire might be one of the biggest ones they’ve ever come out with.

The addition of burning structures has caused many players to completely switch up their playstyles and switch from building with wood if a fire started.

One can only remember the pain that came with trying to defeat Doctor Doom back in Season 4 only to see his entire house go up in flames. It’s definitely been an annoying change, but something that might prove to be necessarily for the long-term growth of Fortnite.

We’ll just have to wait and see if Epic has another element cooked up for us or if this is all just a smokescreen.

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