Fortnite leak reveals new item that turns players into cows

Data miners recently revealed that Epic will introduce a new item to Fortnite that will turn loopers into cows.

The Fortnite v17.00 update changed the theme of the island from Primal to Alien. Epic has made several changes to the game following the update, including Aliens, UFOs, and new NPCs.

Since Season 7 kicked off, data miners have been having a tough time keeping up with all the new Fortnite leaks. Epic recently rolled out a v17.10 update that added the Cosmic Summer event, several summer-themed cosmetics, and new NPCs.

Fortnite Season 7: Loopers can turn into cows

Epic rolled out the first major update of Season 7 on June 22nd. During the update, data miners revealed several new additions that were added to the game. The update also kicked off the Cosmic Summer event and added Alien Parasites to the island.

Several data miners also revealed that loopers could be kidnapped and taken to the giant Alien Mothership. In addition, two new items, Alien Nanites and “Inflate-A-Bull” were also revealed.

An in-game description revealed that the Inflate-A-Bull item gives loopers cow-like properties such as being able to roll down hills and bounce off cliffs. It was also revealed that the item is impervious to fire.

Data miner Hypex recently revealed a few more details regarding the Inflate-A-Bull item.

It was revealed that the Inflate-A-Bull item should be worn as a backpack/jetpack, and loopers will be required to jump in the air to deploy the item. Loopers will be getting a directional impulse once it is deployed.

It should be noted that Inflate-A-Bull has a cooldown of 8-16 seconds. Therefore, loopers will be required to use this item wisely.

The Inflate-A-Bull item can be popped when enemies shoot. Therefore, gamers are advised to have proper surveillance of the area and look out for enemies before using the item in Fortnite.

It was also revealed that the Inflate-A-Bull item plays a cow sound in Fortnite Season 7.

Epic has been implementing massive changes to the Fortnite island since the beginning of Season 7. The recent revelations have hyped up gamers, and some even claim that Season 7 is probably the best season ever in the history of Fortnite.

Players have enjoyed encountering Alien Parasites and various NPCs in the game. Recent Fortnite leaks have added a new tinge of excitement. Now loopers are eagerly waiting to try out the Inflate-A-Bull in the game.

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