Fortnite leak reveals a “mysterious” end-of-season event to wrap up Season 5 with a bang

Fortnite leaks are the talk of the town again, with a fresh teaser from HYPEX about the end of Season 5 and what is to come.

With the event files recently updated, fans are eagerly awaiting any tidbits and clues from prominent Fortnite leakers. From the leaks so far, it looks like something is coming, and that something is most likely going to affect the zero point.

Fortnite Season 5 event leaks

The first leak from HYPEX reveals some upcoming conversation lines with Bunker Jonesy that have to do with the arrival of whatever Jonesy has worked so hard to plan for. There is also a line in there about approaching Bunker Jonsey as Cattus.

With the Mecha Team Leader skin release in 2019, Fortnite fans have wondered whether Cattus would make an appearance as an available skin. Could this point to the eventual return of the Fortnite kaiju in some shape or form? May Cattus finally be obtainable? It is also possible that the players may be able to transform into a miniature version during the final event.

The next leak HYPEX delivered was a pair of conversation lines between Ragnarok and Mancake. One would assume Mancake is referring to the Zero Point when he asks if it was always so unstable. As for Ragnarok’s line, who could “him” be? It may be another reference to a Cattus return, but honestly, it could be referring to any significant storyline character.

When asked about who Ragnarok says this line to, HYPEX responded that the line is just a placeholder for now, with nothing else tied to it.

The end of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5, is rapidly approaching, and there are still hunters that have not had a reveal yet. How will everything tie together, and will Jonesy return to Apollo Island in time for whatever catastrophic event is about to take place?

As the final event gets closer, more and more leaks will start to surface. One thing is for sure, with so many unforgettable characters added to Fortnite this Season, it is likely going to be one hell of a season finale.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 19:17 IST

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