Fortnite Leak Points to ‘Dynamic Ice’

A recent leak suggests that Epic Games’ Fortnite will have ‘Dynamic Ice’ added for the upcoming Season 5 Winterfest this December.

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 has been bringing some changes to the game regarding map locations, weapons, and new upgrades. There are even character skins including Kratos, the Mandalorian from Star Wars, and recently Master Chief was added to Fortnite. With all the new additions being released, recent leaks imply that there will be more coming to the game for Winterfest 2020.

There has been speculation that the upcoming holiday update will add more free skins and a map update to get Fortnite players into the holiday spirit. New Fortnite leaks suggests that there will be ‘Dynamic Ice’ in the game for Season 5’s Winterfest. Some of the leaks detail new weapons and even a new NPC in the game, but the latest leak reveals the new winter-themed map may have ice with environmental changes added.

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The leak came from Fortnite leaker “Mang0e,” who revealed a 12-second long animated Winterfest teaser trailer and found more information in the game’s files on “environmental ice.” Based on the files, players should supposedly be able to melt ice, and liquid water can even be turned into ice. According to Mang0e, this game mechanic has been in the works since the Fortnite Zero Point v15.00 patch update. It was supposedly being worked on alongside the fire and newly revealed electricity elements.

While the role of the electricity element wasn’t explained, the ice mechanic would fit in with the winter aesthetic the game will go for in Winterfest. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt and nothing is set in stone until Epic Games officially reveals more Fortnite details. Either way, players can expect to see for themselves when Winterfest arrives.

Along with the new ice mechanic, previous Fortnite game leaks say there would be a couple of new things heading to the game for Winterfest. Some leaks point to a couple of new weapons including the Slurp Bazooka and the Christmas Flopper. One leak even said there would be a new Snowman NPC added to the game for Winterfest. The NPC may be the same snowman in the leaked Winterfest teaser trailer, but that could also be a new skin for players.

These weapons and characters would fit in with Fortnite’s wacky tone and setting. However, these are all leaks and could be disproven with any future news for the game. However, no matter what players can likely expect a few surprises in the upcoming Fortnite Winterfest event this December.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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