Fortnite Leak May Point to New Marvel Location for Battle Royale Map

Though Fortnite has moved on from Season 4, more Marvel content could be coming to the game soon via a special location on the map.

Fortnite fans may be overwhelmed with crossover additions like Master Chief and Kratos, but Epic Games still plans to remind players of the game’s ongoing connection to the Marvel universe. With more leaked superheroes on their way to the battle royale game soon, Fortnite players now know how the characters will reach the island.

The next batch of Marvel skins coming to Fortnite will see players donning the roles of two iconic heroes. Both Black Panther and Captain Marvel will be purchasable soon, with T’Challa and Carol Danvers adopting their original comic book designs as opposed to the looks from the MCU. The three Marvel characters will be fighting through the Fortnite map alongside the supervillain Taskmaster, with the characters arriving to the island via a special portal.

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Rather than using Thor’s bifrost to reach the map like the Marvel characters that appeared in Fortnite Season 4, the group will portal in via a special portal on the Fortnite map. Spawning from the Zero Point landing spot, which also served as the entryway for a few of the new Season 5 characters, the Marvel portal will show up somewhere on the Fortnite map “soon” according to highly reputable Fortnite leaker HYPEX. With previous Fortnite datamining almost always proving to be correct, and the next batch of Marvel skins having already leaked, the addition of this rumored portal certainly seems likely.

The decrypted code detailing the Marvel portal reveals that it will function just like the Salty Towers portal that brought The Walking Dead characters to Fortnite. Players can expect the portal’s addition to accompany the Marvel characters availability in the shop, with the skins likely to become buyable in the next few weeks. Like Daryl and Michonne’s portal showing a ravaged world where players can hear the walkers roaming around, gamers can expect some sights and sounds from the Marvel universe when approaching the new portal.

It will be interesting to see if any other portals come to Fortnite throughout Season 5, as it is entirely possible that Marvel’s competitor gets a special location of its own. With a leaked Green Arrow skin inbound as well as plenty of DC skins already existing in the game, the rival brand of comics could see some of its heroes and villains entering through a portal as well. Regardless, Marvel fans should be excited to see that Fortnite is continuing to introduce characters from that universe.

For players who prefer Fortnite for its gameplay loop as opposed to stylish skins or Marvel map details, giving the game’s new The Spy Within mode a try may be worth awhile. Playing like the indie hit Among Us, there are lots of laughs and arguments to be had in the mode.

Fortnite is free-to-play for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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Fortnite Leaks More Marvel and DC Comic Book Skins

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