Fortnite: Leak Hints at Season 4 End Date

The past few weeks have been full of turmoil for Epic Games. They were hoping to redeem themselves when Fortnite got banned from the app store of Apple and Google. But, things got heated when Apple decided to terminate the devs account of Epic Games.

However, a legal dispute did not stop Epic Games from rolling out with a new season that celebrates the game’s relationship with the MCU. The players who purchase the battle pass will get access to the characters like Iron Man, Storm, Mystique, Doctor Doom, Groot, and She-Hulk. The only way to unlock these characters is by crossing levels.

There is a lot to look forward to with future patches promising more surprises. Be that as it may, season 4 is expected to culminate on November 30 according to recent sources.

Fortnite: Season 4 to end on November 30?

‘Patch Night’ functions as a sanctuary for leakers where a lot of information around games and updates are leaked. And, HypeX was the first to uncover the truth around the date of the culmination of season 4. A lot of information is revealed at this point so it’s difficult to predict whether this piece of news is credible.

Epic Games has a muddled history when it comes to ending the season on a specified date. The end of season 1 chapter 2 was delayed for over 100 days. This clearly makes the date around the culmination of chapter 2 season 4 pretty uncertain.

Moreover, there are a lot of updates that are pending right now. More characters are supposed to be revealed as the season progresses. So, it’s safe to assume that the players could be looking at a three to a four-month window before the season comes to an end.

Good news for competitive players

Epic Games might be announcing an interesting update for competitive Fortnite players later this season. Game files suggest that an arena playlist for Box Fights are being prepared. This is in response to the beta event that was released last season that allowed players to play up to 20 box fight matches.

Season 4 will likely last for three to four months. However, it could be prolonged for a brief period to enable the players who have a Battle Pass to unlock ‘foil’ and ‘enlightened’ skins.

No official word has been diffused on the subject. Clearly, Epic Games is more engrossed in rolling out new patch updates rather than looking for a culmination date.


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