Fortnite Just Disabled Beast Boy’s Pickaxe & Bash Burner

fortnite beast boy pickaxe disabled

Epic Games / DC Comics

One of the newest pickaxes released in Fortnite has just been disabled for reasons that are still unknown.

We’re talking about BB’s Beast Bat, which is the pickaxe that comes with the Beast Boy bundle. The second pickaxe that was disabled is the Bash Burner, a pickaxe that was first introduced in Chapter 2 Season 4.

These are just disabled in Arena mode, so you will be able to keep on using both of these pickaxes in regular lobbies. While the reason hasn’t been given as of yet, this isn’t the first time Epic has stepped in and disabled things this season.

2 Emotes Are Still Disabled

The news of these two pickaxes being disabled comes from Fortnite themselves, but they don’t give the reasoning. They now joined Neymar Jr.’s “Shhh.” emote and Tony Stark’s “Suit Up” up emote as being disabled in competitive playlists.

In the case of the emotes, players reported that they could become invisible in Arena, so there’s a good reason those were taken out. For whatever reason, they are still disabled, so either Epic gave up on trying to find a fix for them or they decided it wasn’t worth the trouble.

It’s unclear if the bug can be replicated in a regular lobby, but signs are pointing towards that not being the case or else they’d be disabled there too.

Some fans say you have a further reach with these two pickaxes, so that’s why they were disabled. If this is the case, it would allow you to break down walls from a bit further away, which would provide an advantage, albeit a small one.

Remember, players still use the Star Wand pickaxe because of the bug that gave it increased damage. Just because it was fixed doesn’t mean they stopped using it. Perhaps these two pickaxes will become infamous for the same reasons.

When Will They Return?

fortnite beast boy skin free

Epic Games / DC Comics

Epic didn’t give any timetable for when any of this could return to competitive playlists, so you might have to get used to them being gone for a while.

At the time of being disabled, Beast Boy’s bundle is still available for purchase in the Item Shop, so players might be in for a rude awakening when they find they aren’t able to use it in Arena or the Deathstroke Cup.

If you do place high in the tournament, you’ll just unlock a different bundle to replace the Beast Boy one with. At the end of the day, it’s just a simple pickaxe that’s disabled, and with so many other ones available in Fortnite, it won’t be the end of the world to switch to something new.

What is disappointing is that the Beast Boy pickaxe does have a cool animation that not every pickaxe has, so a lot of players were using it for that alone.

Epic said they will let us know when they bring Beast Boy’s bat back to the game, but there’s a decent chance it won’t happen until Season 7 since we’re getting pretty close to that.

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